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Cargo Transporters Joins Trucking Alliance

Cargo Transporters Joins Trucking Alliance

Cargo Transporters recently received and accepted an invitation to join The Alliance for Driver Safety & Security (Trucking Alliance). The company will officially join the alliance in 2017, and the Claremont, North Carolina-based carrier will be one of many gaining membership in the group next year according to management.

Steve Williams, Maverick USA Chairman and CEO and Trucking Alliance President said: “The Alliance is small by design, but we are growing the coalition with a few excellent carriers like Cargo Transporters that can help us better achieve our safety objectives.”

Williams noted that Cargo Transporters strives to give their drivers a safer work arrangement with improved technology and modern training methods. These commitments position them as a great ally when it comes to pursuing legislation designed to make the trucking industry safer.

Cargo Transporters’ Chairman, John Pope, will serve as a representative for the organization on the Alliance Board of Directors. He said: “We have a saying that safety is in our DNA and the Trucking Alliance companies are the same way. We are excited to work with this exclusive group of carriers to achieve more safety reforms in the industry.”

Cargo Transporters’ corporate counsel, Meredith Priestley, will also join the Alliance Advisory Group, a team that provides analytic information to the board. Trucking Alliance carrier members adopt several safety regulations including truck speed limiters, LEDs, and hair testing.

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