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Canadian Trucking Alliance: 2016 Budget For Growth

Canadian Trucking Alliance: 2016 Budget For Growth

The CTA (Canadian Trucking Alliance) highlighted multiple aspects of the 2016 budget which was recently released by the federal government and includes an investment worth $5 billion in infrastructure over the period of the next 5 years and $62.5 million. The budget also includes supporting the deployment of new infrastructure for alternative fuels.

According to the CTA, this budget is about tax support for clean vehicles, even though only natural and electric gas facilities have been mentioned, no commercial vehicles were specifically referred to, despite the fact that the CTA stated that they were discussing with the federal government how the cap for funding could support alternative green energy for commercial vehicles in the marketplace.

Furthermore, the CTA is also set to be looking at how they can take part in the $75 million attempt from the government to assist the efforts of municipalities for addressing climate change along with a pledge of $125 million for enhancing Green Municipal Fund that aims to assist municipal projects for implementing and identifying opportunities for green infrastructure and emission reduction projects.

According to the CTA, there weren’t any specific funding details for bridge and highway infrastructure in the budget.

The CTA further hopes that the current year’s budget will offer investment and funding for ensuring the effective transport of goods through the United States-Canadian border.

They highlighted the fact that the budget offers $3.4 billion through the next 5 years for upgrading and maintaining assets of federal infrastructure such as federal airports, border infrastructure, national parks, and small craft harbors.

The CTA also stated the budget has announced the termination of tariffs on nearly twelve manufacturing inputs, which provides relief to those in the transportation and consumer goods sectors.

Furthermore, the CTA the 2016 budget will waive the 25 percent tariff on ferries that were imported after the 1st of October, 2015, which means that ferry operators will be able to invest in fleet renewal and reduce fares for commercial users and passengers.

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