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Can Improved Data Collection Help Trucking?

Can Improved Data Collection Help Trucking?

Trucking is the type of industry where the smallest change can have the biggest impact.

If a driver adjusts their speed slightly or takes a different route to their destination, the result can be skewed in one direction or another. This is why trucking companies invest so heavily in logistics, as it allows them to manage costs more effectively.

Planning out the best strategy for minimizing expenses and maximizing revenue isn’t always easy. In fact, many companies have looked for more reliable methods to improve their output. One trend that may help with this is the collection of big data.

The freight transportation industry is no stranger to data collection. Carriers must keep records of drivers and equipment on file, and ensure that they comply with all regulatory measures in their field. But a move toward larger data collection shows promise for improving multiple aspects of the commercial truck driving industry.

A recent survey conducted among logistics professionals, safety advocates, and trucking regulators show that nearly 50% of people believe big data will have a major impact on the transportation industry going forward.

With more electronic data-gathering devices, cloud-based communication platforms, and other technological improvements to the field, companies will be able to find more data and use it effectively.

What type of data can be most beneficial? Drivers can have their speed, any truck problems, and even the amount of braking they do monitored and logged by electronic devices. The benefits of this can come in the form of lower costs. Reduced insurance premiums and less trucking maintenance means a lot of money saved for drivers and carriers, especially over the course of a year.

As data management and logistics become more refined, the big-data approach will catch on more quickly with carriers of all sizes. Even small companies may be able to use big data when making organizational plans, as these facts will likely be showed off for use by any company in the industry.

Rather than showing off the results for individual companies, it is likely that many trucking groups will compare hundreds and thousands of data results from various carriers to provide a better understanding of where the industry as a whole stands.

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