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Can Cargo42’s New App Help Smaller Carriers?

Can Cargo42’s New App Help Smaller Carriers?

Apps are quite common in the trucking industry. Apps exist to help truckers plan their routes and even find nearby truck stops. But there are other functions that apps can fulfil, some of which are capable of changing the way a company operates to some degree. One tech startup in Miami is launching a new design which has the potential to help smaller carriers and boost local business.

Cargo42 has released a new app which can help companies ship locally with trucks that have available space. This type of shipping can be handled for a lower rate than normal, allowing users to save cost and even speed up the freight-transport process.

The concept of a “sharing economy” is nothing new to trucking, though it is becoming more widespread thanks to mobile technology. Francine Gervazio spoke about the local benefits of the app, saying: “We knew already that Miami was a very big logistics hub, but we were really impressed when we saw the numbers and said, yeah, that’s where we are going.”

Gervazio’s experience in the logistics and technology fields incentivized her to find a way to solve a big problem she saw in the freight field. Companies were paying for trucks that were driving partially or completely empty. While this happened in Brazil, Gervazio said that once she came to the US in 2015 she realized the problem was global in nature.

With close to a quarter of small trucking companies closing their doors in the Miami area over the last four years, this app may prove to be the tool smaller names in the industry need to remain competitive.

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