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Can a New Technology Address a Longtime Problem in Trucking?

Can a New Technology Address a Longtime Problem in Trucking?

There have been more than a few issues in the trucking industry which have been resolved with new technology. Everything from driver safety to logistics management has progressed through the years thanks to the implementation of new technology, and a common (and frustrating) issue in trucking may soon join the list of problems which have been lessened.

Idling is a problem in trucking for multiple reasons. Not only does it lead to additional emissions, but it also costs the trucking industry thousands of extra dollars per year. With a smart platform, the company Idle allows fleets to manage idle time in a strategic manner. This helps to reduce environmental damage and lower costs simultaneously.

Tracking information about start times and durations of engine activity helps carriers get the data they need to make the most cost-effective decisions.

The subscription-based service allows drivers to turn on the system when they stop, which means the engine can be automatically started when it gets too cold in the truck. The ability to start and stop an engine as needed can allow truckers the benefits of a running vehicle without requiring them to keep the truck running at all times.

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