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Busting the Myths About Commercial Trucking

Busting the Myths About Commercial Trucking

The trucking industry is one that is entwined forever with American culture. Truckers have drawn comparisons to frontiersmen, and have been commemorated in books, movies, and songs.

However, there are still a few common misconceptions people have about the trucking industry as a whole. Despite the popularity of the job and the important function that it serves, some people still end up believing outdated or incorrect ideas that persist even today.

One of the first myths about truck driving is that drivers are no longer as vital as they once were. This myth is rooted in a half-truth, as it is usually based on the fact that drivers are in shorter supply that carriers would like. But even though trucking analysts predict that 200,000 positions will need to be filled in trucking by the year 2020, trucking is still the most popular occupation in the majority of U.S. states.

Another myth about trucking deals with the dangers of the industry. Like the legend of the faltering hiring scene, the misconception about trucking being dangerous is based off a partial truth. While it is true that commercial trucks have historically had a higher impact on the environment and can cause more damage in accidents, the trucking industry has worked hard to correct these issues. Truck driving accident rates have fluctuated over the years, with trucking groups advocating for legislation to make the roads safer. Drivers have also worked to reduce emissions by moving toward clean technology, reducing the industry’s carbon footprint by a substantial margin.

Some myths are actually used as proposals, and gain their status as falsehood due to a lack of evidence to support them. One example is the idea that reducing speed limits for heavy commercial trucks will lessen the possibility of accidents. While it may seem logical at face value, further research reveals high speeds aren’t always a primary factor in commercial trucking accidents.

What leads to so many myths and misunderstandings in trucking? Part of it is the unique nature of the industry, while part of it is belief in outdated ideas without understanding how things have changed. In either case, trucking is a deeper and more complex industry than many people know.

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