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Brenda Neville of Iowa Earns President’s TAEC Award

Brenda Neville of Iowa Earns President’s TAEC Award

Iowa Motor Truck Association President Brenda Neville received the 15th annual Trucking Association Executives Council Leadership award earlier this month. She was presented with the honor by the American Trucking Associations at a management conference and exhibitions earlier this month.

Neville spoke about this honor saying: “I was extremely humbled and honored, especially given the caliber, commitment and dedication that is demonstrated by every state trucking association executive in the federation. Every single one of them deserve this award. I am also honored to work with, for and beside some of the best carriers and suppliers in the nation. The success of IMTA is due to the dedication of our great members and I am very blessed to have had such a rich and long career with such an outstanding group of folks. I look forward to our continued work together in being the strong and effective voice for Iowa’s trucking industry.”

TAEC functions similar to ATA, and represents over 700 trucking companies and suppliers. It is also made up of executives and groups who have a vested interest in the trucking industry. ATA President and CEO Chris Spear spoke about the award, saying: “Brenda is a great friend and a tremendous leader for our industry. She is more than deserving of this honor and I congratulate her on behalf of all of ATA.”

Neville has been with the Iowa Motor Truck Association for nearly three decades.

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