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Brammo Electric Drivetrain Startup Acquired by Cummins

Brammo Electric Drivetrain Startup Acquired by Cummins

In the race toward a more energy-efficient future in truck driving, acquisitions are becoming more common.

Established trucking companies with a logistical understanding of the freight industry only need the right resources to move toward an electric future. Startups with a focus on this technology are often the perfect fit in these situations.

A good example is Uber’s acquisition of self-driving startup Otto in 2016. Though more geared toward autonomy than low-emission technology, it’s a classic case of established names in transportation partnering with the most promising startups for the future of their business.

Cummins is a popular name in the trucking industry, well-known for their diesel engines. But even a company that’s made their name with traditional trucking power-sources is jumping into the electric drivetrain market.

Brammo has already been on the right track, showing off impressive techs like a performance electric motorcycle in previous years. Their vehicles are designed not only to operate without relying solely on fossil fuels, but to prove vehicles with electric-focused drivetrains can still provide top-notch performance on the roads.

This technology was eventually sold to Polaris, and now the technology once seen in the Brammo Empulse R can be seen in the Victory line of motorcycles. Trucking companies have a vested interest in pursuing performance-based techs that can increase efficiency in an economical manner.

Cummins unveiled an electric truck program earlier this summer, showing the concept for 9-ton truck with a max payload-capacity of 44,000 pounds. The truck will have a 100-mile range with a single charge of the compact 140 kWh battery.

Other companies like Tesla, VW, Daimler, and many others have shown similar plans and prototypes, leading to a time when the landscape for truck driving may change drastically. With companies now showing a vested interest in mastering electric drivetrains the same way they’ve refined diesel technology.

Benefits of electric-based vehicles include lower emissions, less maintenance, and a reduced need for oversight. The result in each case is more affordability, a welcomed change in an industry where costs must be managed constantly. Cummins will likely provide more updates as soon as they’re able to incorporate this new technology.

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