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Blackberry to Transition into Trucking with Telematics?

Blackberry to Transition into Trucking with Telematics?

There was a time when Blackberry was atop the mobile market, revolutionizing communications with their popular devices. The industry looks much different today, leaving many to assume the company had dropped off the map completely.

Blackberry has been formulating plans to enter into a different industry – freight transport. While they won’t exactly be selling mobile devices, they will still be in the field of communications to some degree. The company aims to use telematic devices to help carriers track assets and monitor their equipment via radar.

By outfitting trailers with special devices, Blackberry can provide information to owners about the location of the vehicle, whether it is full, whether the doors have been open, and more.

Blackberry could make a great deal of money if their idea catches on. They would charge a fee for outfitting trucks with the initial device, as well as a monthly fee for each truck equipped.

Asset tracking is a popular idea in the trucking field, as it helps carriers manage costs more effectively and increase efficiency from a logistical perspective. While some are skeptical about the success Blackberry will have in a new field, the company believes their experience with telecommunications and connectivity will translate well into the new market.

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