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How Blackberry is Helping the Trucking Industry Evolve

How Blackberry is Helping the Trucking Industry Evolve

While the trucking industry has enjoyed many advancements thanks to technology, more changes are coming. From trucker apps to electronic logging devices to online trucking job fairs, there have been many developments designed to help drivers of all skill levels build quality relationships with clients and receivers. But Blackberry has recently announced a new device that can potentially have major benefits for the trucking industry by improving communication and boosting efficiency. Blackberry Radar is a revolutionary tool that can prove valuable for established companies and private operators by providing additional options for tracking packages, improving delivery times, and preventing loss.

Drivers are always known to keep timeliness in mind when it comes to deliveries. While everyone wants their delivery as quick as possible, most are satisfied with having accurate information as to how close their products are to them. This type of information can be relayed easily with Blackberry’s new system, and this increased communication can help keep receivers content and well-informed about the status of their shipment. In addition to this, the device can also help establish routes in a more precise manner leading to more satisfactory deliveries.

At busy commercial locations it can sometimes be difficult to coordinate a freight pickup in a manner that doesn’t lead to lost time. By helping drivers and receivers know with accuracy the time they are to meet, Blackberry Radar can make deliveries go more smoothly. This is just one of the types of profitable decisions the system can help drivers, receivers, and dispatchers make with confidence. While many trucking companies are staffed with great drivers, sometimes losses can still be experienced due to miscommunications presented by distance and other factors. Blackberry Radar can help prevent this issue – and boost efficiency in the process.

With a more accurate reflection of how far away a delivery is, receivers can pick up their goods in person. This means that items do not have to be left at third-party locations or unattended facilities where they are vulnerable to theft and damage. Loss of this type has always presented a problem in the trucking industry. And while technology can’t prevent these instances from happening, they can reduce the possibility of loss by a significant degree. By linking drivers, dispatchers, and receivers together in a more accurate manner, Blackberry Radar will prove to be a beneficial addition to the trucking industry.

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