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Beyond the Resume: Landing Trucking Jobs

Beyond the Resume: Landing Trucking Jobs

Previously, some tips were given to help truckers create a great resume that can improve their chances of being hired.

While the resume is the go-to document for most people seeking a new job, it isn’t the only thing to consider. There are a few other documents which can accompany a resume, improving any applicant’s chances of being chosen.

While a resume is the backbone of many applications, a cover letter commonly accompanies it. Though not as important as the resume in terms of the technical information it lists (such as specific experience with companies or types of driving), the cover letter serves multiple purposes.

First, it can help break the ice. While a trucker applying for a new job may have already spoken with the hiring staff, a well-written cover letter can make a good impression. It introduces an applicant in a formal manner, and allows the hiring staff to take their time and gather their own opinion from the material.

A cover letter can help convey a driver’s attitude, letting them show employers their commitment to professionalism. It can also be a good spot to list references or other credentials that drivers want to make sure get noticed.

A thank-you letter is also a nice touch in many job fields, including trucking. Following up on an interview with constant calls and emails can sometimes be off-putting, and even hurt an applicant’s chances. However, sending a single letter saying thanks for the interview afterwards is generally considered to be a good gesture.

The letter shouldn’t ask about the progress of the hiring situation, especially if the hiring manager has requested no follow-ups about the timeline. The letter should express gratitude for the hiring manager’s time, and for the consideration. For applicants, this can improve their chances as it shows they are aware of how busy the hiring landscape can be.

If an applicant falls short in their quest to obtain a job, they can still get something out of it. By following up to thank a hiring manager after receiving an answer back, the applicant can get valuable information about what swayed the decision. This makes it easier to succeed with applications in the future.

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