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Bestpass Renewed as Featured Product Provider by ATA

Bestpass Renewed as Featured Product Provider by ATA

Earlier this month the American Trucking Associations announced it would be renewing Bestpass as an ATA featured product provider. Known for their work in toll solutions, Bestpass has contributed a significant amount of convenience and cost-efficiency to the freight transport industry.

ATA President and CEO Chris Spear spoke about the decision, saying: “The trucking industry is a large-scale operation with trucks delivering goods and services people rely on from coast to coast. Trucking companies are encouraged to explore products that improve efficiency and productivity, like the tolling solutions offered by Bestpass.”

Bestpass offers streamlined toll-management services in a simple, single-source payment solution. The company helps carriers of all sizes manage the cost of tolls more effectively, allowing travel to become smoother and less stressful. Their service is applicable to all major toll roads in the US.

Bestpass CEO and President, John Andrews, spoke about the award, saying: “We are excited to be an ATA Featured Product provider and to support ATA’s efforts on behalf to the industry, from increasing highway safety to improving industry profitability, Bestpass has continued to grow significantly over the past year, including expanding our toll coverage to include Oklahoma and complete the first truly national tolling solution for commercial fleets, and we pride ourselves on helping our customers in the trucking industry save time and money on tolls.”

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