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Balancing Safety and Efficiency in the Trucking Industry

Balancing Safety and Efficiency in the Trucking Industry

Safety is always a top concern in the trucking industry. Truckers and carriers want to make sure they can complete their job properly while remaining safe on the road. Likewise, the motoring public has also expressed concerns about staying safe while sharing the roads with large commercial vehicles.

In recent years, more steps have been taken to create safer road conditions for both truck drivers and those who travel in close proximity to them. But many drivers feel that moves like mandatory ELDs and maximum speed limits for heavy vehicles will actually hurt productivity while doing little for the cause of road safety.

Though many steps have been taken on a federal level to create safer travels, many within the industry have dubbed these measures as capricious. Instead, the trucking industry has noted that certain measures can help create safer road conditions without hindering a driver’s ability to do their job at optimal levels.

Proper infrastructure allows truckers to have the space they need to complete their job efficiently and safely. In addition to dedicated lanes, proper equipment can also have a large impact on safety and productivity within the trucking industry.

Some think that trucking safety and efficiency are mutually exclusive concepts. But with the right equipment and infrastructure, drivers can ensure that they remain safe and productive at all times.

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