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Bad Roads and Traffic Congestion Lead To A Loss of $5.6 Billion In Tennessee

Bad Roads and Traffic Congestion Lead To A Loss of $5.6 Billion In Tennessee

Truckers have long been complaining about the road infrastructure of the country. The topic was also brought to the forefront when John Oliver did a big segment with a focus on how bad the infrastructure of America was and how damaging it was for our safety and our economy.

A recent study found that the situation is even worse than thought before. Just in Tennessee alone, it costs motorists $5.6 billion per year. This is a huge loss and can no longer be ignored. The money lost is due to a lot of reasons. Roads that have potholes or are uneven are damaging to trucks and cause repair and maintenance costs to go up. Too many vehicles on the roads due to poor infrastructure are also to blame, as truckers get stuck in traffic and end up being late for their deliveries.

More congestion also means more gas is used by the truckers which further increases the cost of the route. Tennessee is not even the busiest state when it comes to trucks, so one can only imagine the losses that are occurring in other states.

The report by TRIP, a Washington based research group that focuses on transportation, goes into details with figures explaining how bad the situation is. According to the report, the FAST act is not useful enough. The FAST (Fixing America’s Surface Transportation) act was designed to combat such issues by providing enough funding and support to fix the major problems in the transportation infrastructure of the country. It includes an increase of 18 percent in funding but this is not enough according to the TRIP report. The issue is that the infrastructure has been neglected for so long that it will cost a lot to bring it into premium working conditions.

The bad infrastructure also leads to a lot of safety issues and sometimes fatal accidents as well. There have been many collisions between trucks and motorists or pedestrians which happened only because of bad conditions of the road. This includes unexpected obstacles and slippery conditions of roads which are not ready for snow.

While the report has lead to the conditions of our roads being in news again, the issue has been raised many times before as well to no avail. The FAST act was passed only after pressure from a lot of interested individuals because a lot of improvement in infrastructure was needed. Truckers have been campaigning for better funding for our infrastructure for a long time now in most states of the country.

Better roads will have a huge positive effect on the economy and safety of the country. It will allow people to work faster and better and waste less fuel and time. Infrastructure is often overlooked by the government because it cannot be used to get votes. Moreover, proper infrastructure maintenance is not considered a politically positive task and is often ignored. This ignorance has led to the current conditions of our roads, which needs to be improved. – See more at:

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