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Trucker Jailed for Hauling Large Amount of Cocaine

Drug trafficking is a crime that unfortunately finds its way into the freight transport industry. The ability drivers have to move large amounts of cargo leads some to engage in illegal activities. There have been several major drug trafficking incidents involving truckers reported over the past several months, many of which have surpassed recent incidents in terms of their severity. The owner of an El Paso trucking company was recently sentenced to jail for trafficking marijuana. Before that, police in California and other states reported they had conducted some of the biggest drug busts in the states’ history. The...

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Could Mobile Technology Protect Drivers from Shady Dealings?

The topic of driver treatment has been a popular one in trucking as of late. With so many instances of drivers facing unfair and hazardous working conditions, it seems a movement may be in effect to change things. While there has been a push for better working conditions in trucking for decades, a recent string of problematic situations has many drivers and administrators looking for a better solution. The main problem is clear – some carriers are not treating their employees as they should. Dangers and exploitative working arrangements, violations of regulatory measures, and breaches of contract are all...

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Why Background Research is Becoming More Important for Drivers

While truckers are used to getting background checks prior to employment, these precautions may also be a good idea for carriers. Truckers are in short supply and high demand, but even being at an economically advantageous point isn’t enough to protect them from shady dealings by management at certain companies. While some trucking companies boast a great record for treating employees well and honoring all contractual agreements, others don’t. For drivers, doing background research on a carrier beforehand may be the key to avoiding unfair work arrangements (and dangerous ones) in the future. Given the importance of truck drivers,...

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The Port Trucking Strikes Continue

It was recently reported that drivers in the Los Angeles and Long Beach areas were organizing against what they believed were unfair working conditions. This trend is nothing new – in fact, the solidarity of workers in the area over the past year shows just how dedicated they are to improving their work arrangement and holding carriers responsible for what they believe is unfair treatment. The original issue was discussed heavily almost one year ago. The summer of 2016 saw big business at the port area. This area handles a large amount of the nation’s imports. But while business...

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Truckers and Guns: The Debate Continues

The topic of safety in truck driving covers many different aspects of the job. Everything from the upcoming ELD mandate to propositions for new maximum speed-limits on large commercial vehicles ties into safety in some way. However, the subject of gun ownership is one that has a major place in this conversation. This is especially true since many in the industry claim drivers are disproportionately targeted by criminals due to the nature of their work arrangement. Being in a new city each day and hauling valuable products into unfamiliar territory means trouble is always a possibility. There have been...

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