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What is the Best Way to Start Out in Trucking?

Trucking is somewhat of a mixed pot when it comes to how and why people get involved. Some people know someone else in the industry and their choice is heavily influenced by that individual. Others desire the freedom to travel, and find trucking to be a good alternative to traditional career paths. The trucking industry is home to drivers of various age groups. Although veteran drivers are retiring more frequently these days, younger drivers are not entering the industry as quickly as they were before. This keeps the age groups fairly spread out among the truck driving population. What...

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Is Public Trust an Impediment for Autonomy?

Imagine driving down a busy highway on a dark evening. Directly to the right is a commercial truck weighing in at ten or twenty tons. No matter how fast or slow the truck is going, the average member of the motoring public may have a bit of apprehension when it comes to sharing the road. Now imagine this scenario where the steadily moving steel-mammoth is making the trip without a human in the driver’s seat. There have been few topics with an impact on trucking quite like that of autonomous vehicles. Autonomy is a budding topic in multiple industries,...

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Why Navistar is in Recovery Mode

Navistar’s losses have been well-documented by the company and multiple news outlets in the freight transportation industry. When such a large, well-established carrier takes such a tough hit, it raises questions about what exactly went wrong and what is the best way to remedy the problem. The Lisle, Illinois-based carrier prides itself on innovation and forward-thinking mentalities, combining the efforts of sales professionals and technology experts to stand out in the trucking industry. However, a bad bet on what seemed like promising technology was the start of a series of setbacks for the company. The company reported a loss...

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Carrier Reworks Management Structure to Recover Market Share

Some carriers find themselves at the top of the trucking industry at one point, but struggling to recapture that level of success soon after. Oftentimes, this is due to a miscalculation. In an industry where things can change quickly, this isn’t an uncommon occurrence. But one carrier is making an effort to recover lost market share by revamping its management structure. Navistar is a name associated with innovation. The company’s mission involves pursuing new ideas and leading the way to a sustainable future. Fueled by a commitment to research and strong business partnerships, Navistar has become a top name...

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Update on Texas Trucker Involved in Human Trafficking

It was recently reported that James Bradley Jr. was facing federal charges after an apparent immigrant-smuggling operation turned fatal. Overall, the driver is accused of smuggling at least 100 illegals in his tractor trailer. While trafficking is a massive issue in truck driving as it is and carries its own severe penalties, the situation was made even more dire by the unfortunate fate of those hidden away in the trailer. Ten of the immigrants passed away from the unbearable conditions in the trailer, with soaring temperatures in the container topping out at over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the...

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