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Tech Company Explores New Solutions for Trucking

Trucking is in the process of undergoing major changes to its core practices. Driving, logistics, and maintenance are all being changed by new technology. What was once envisioned as a cold, automated world based only on data is now showing more promise in what it can do for the freight industry. Truckers and administrators are seeing the financial and safety benefits of embracing new technology, and companies are matching this demand with a steady supply of new products. Companies like PeopleNet have discussed technology that could change more than driving – it could change the game for fleet maintenance,...

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ATA Guarding Against Cyber Threats

The American Trucking Associations is one of the most forward-thinking groups in all of truck driving. As the industry changes, they work to make sure drivers can adapt well. Telematic systems, electronic logging devices, and analytical tools are all becoming more common in the trucking industry. While these tools offer plenty of benefits, they come with a certain degree of risk as well. With more fleets turning toward digital means of logging information, communicating on the job, and even filling out their rosters, cyber threats will become more of a threat than ever. There haven’t been a large amount...

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3 What-If Scenarios Concerning the ELD Protest

The long-talked-about ELD mandate is scheduled to go into effect December 18. But just because there’s only a little over two months until the mandate goes into effect doesn’t mean truck drivers are accepting the change just yet. Protests continue to roll out across the country, with drivers on the east and west coast uniting in solidarity against the upcoming change. At first glance, the passing of an important mandate like this would seem to be all but a certainty. This is especially true since it was debated so much initially, and since drivers have had so much time...

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What Possibilities Does a CDL Offer?

A commercial driver’s license is not easy to get. It requires concentration and focus. Students must demonstrate their skills behind the wheel combined with a knowledge of their rig and the rules that govern it. For those who do get their CDL, there are plenty of job options out there. This goes beyond simply working for a freight transport company. There are various upstarts and small businesses that look for qualified drivers with a CDL. While these business endeavors each require their own level of management and financing, each one needs licensed commercial operators as well. Moving companies are...

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Self-Driving Bill Rolls on Without Trucking Amendment

Despite the efforts of trucking industry officials, a recent self-driving bill leaves America’s commercial operators out of the discussion of autonomy – at least for now. The bill aims to provide safety standards, oversight, and a framework for driverless vehicles. This will make it easier to test, observe, and refine the technology in a controlled manner. Unfortunately, trucking will have to wait to get similar consideration from officials. The bill’s passing on October 4 drew a significant amount of coverage, both inside the trucking industry and out. Driverless cars are a futuristic, unnerving tech to some, and a welcomed...

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