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ELD Mandate Deadline Less Than Half-a-Year Away

There are only five months left in 2017 for drivers to comply with the upcoming federal mandate on electronic logging devices. As the December 18th deadline draws closer, some drivers and carriers are still adjusting to the change. Others are waiting for guidance and assistance moving forward with the switch. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is expected to help provide training and instruction on the matter. The only problem is that the organization has not received any instructions of their own from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on how to proceed with these matters and enforce the regulation...

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The Stakes of a Data-Driven Industry

Trucking is an industry that has always gone by the numbers. From drivers counting miles to managers working to juggle expenses effectively, everyone in the freight transportation industry knows the importance of working according to the data. Even if it doesn’t always relate to the bottom line, data has a bigger role than ever in freight transportation. With the telecommunications and digital revolution, companies have been using everything from cloud-based platforms to decentralized market applications to telematic solutions in their quest to improve the efficiency of their operation. Data has come from multiple sources with the trucking industry. Carriers...

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Self-Driving Startup Embark Partners with Peterbilt

Another name in the self-driving truck market has just gained a new ally, who will help provide insight and resources as the company looks to lead the way with autonomous vehicles. Embark recently announced that they have raised $15 million in Series A financing. The company made headlines earlier this year when they announced their intention to use neural net-based machine learning technologies in their approach to autonomous trucking. While autonomy relies heavily on sensor technology, such as that popularized by companies like Otto, machine learning and A.I. will play a big role in helping vehicles adjust to navigational...

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Swift Transportation Launches New Leadership Program

Leadership is important in all industries, and trucking is no exception. Coordinating the activities of drivers and administrators is a big task, especially with so much liability involved. In order to help people adjust to the responsibilities of leadership positions in the freight industry with greater ease, well-known carrier Swift Transportation has recently launched a new leadership program. Swift is an industry leader with half a century of experience and more than 40 facilities across the U.S. and Mexico. With more than 2 billion miles clocked on the roads per year between their roster of over 22,000 drivers, the...

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What Does June Data Say for Truck Driving?

Trucking analysts are always watching metrics and reports closely to learn about the future of their industry. Doing so helps them adjust and plan ahead effectively. After a rough 2016 ended with an optimistic outlook for the future, many people have kept their fingers crossed for a trucking boom this year. While the initial rise in demand was predicted to be a slow and steady one, truckers know how these small improvements in perpetuity can add up to a big gain in the long-term. Though data has been up and down for the first two quarters of the year,...

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