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The Risks and Rewards for Owner-Operators

There’s no feeling quite as freeing as working for yourself. Many truckers thrive in this work arrangement, finding self-employment to be a preferable option in the freight industry. While some people enter the trucking industry because they feel it adds a degree of freedom that other jobs don’t, many take things a step further and break away from the traditional employee/employer relationship. Doing this offers a number of benefits. Owner-operators can make a good living if they know how to manage their time and money effectively. One of the main drawbacks of employment from a trucking company is the...

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How Much of a Problem is Typecasting for Truckers?

Human beings have an uncanny tendency to put other human beings into groups. Some feel it helps us recognize others better, but it can also lead to some inaccuracies in the thought process. Many truck drivers work long hours and handle their rig safely on the road. Truckers are a very important part of the economy in terms of both the service they provide and the jobs trucking creates. Drivers move nearly three-quarters of the nation’s freight and truck driving is the most popular occupation in over 30 US states. Generalizations are coming under fire more than ever, with...

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Trucking Company Owner Bribes Safety Inspector

A commercial vehicle enforcement officer has been found guilty of accepting bribes from a Dallas trucking company. Kevin Gerald Cauley is a former Texas Department of Public Safety sergeant, and was found guilty of accepting bribes related to the safety inspections of vehicles. The 50-year old Roise City-native accepted over $20,000 from a business owner for the inspection decals he issued for over 30 trucks. Neither Cauley nor his attorney could be reached for a comment. There were several inconsistencies in the reports Cauley filed on his safety inspections. One of these pertains to the location where they took...

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The Greater Implications of the ELD Mandate

Drivers have until the end of the year to comply with a new federal mandate concerning the use of electronic logging devices in commercial vehicles. Switching over from paper log books is a big change, and it is one that some drivers are vehemently opposed to. The purported reasoning behind this law is safety, and the premise developed after a major public discussion on the effects of drowsy drivers. While electronic logging devices will ensure truckers comply with hours-of-service rules and don’t log their hours inaccurately, this change may be the beginning of a bigger trend in trucking. The...

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ATA Congratulates Qualifiers for Driving Championship

The American Trucking Associations holds many events to build community and spread awareness in the freight transport industry. The organization recently congratulated qualifiers in its 2017 National Truck Driving Championship. The upcoming event is the 80th anniversary, making it a special occasion and building significant buzz in the community. ATA President and CEO Chris Spear said: “The trucking industry comes together every spring and summer for a series of state truck driving championships culminating in the National Truck Driving Championships. ATA thanks all of the drivers and companies who made the commitment to participate in the competitions and we...

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