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Trucking’s Continual Curse: Ever-Shrinking Rosters and Growing Turnover Rates

All in all, 2017 has been a good year for trucking. After a shaky period of uncertainty that was 2016, the freight industry has seen better levels of demand and improved pricing over the past twelve months. Many attribute this to improved levels of consumer confidence, while others point to the forward-thinking business strategies of freight carriers. The success could be due to a combination of the two – however, there are still a few problems in the trucking industry. The switch to electronic logging devices has people worried, and the promise of big infrastructure overhauls never came to...

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3 Negative Takeaways from the ELD Mandate

Despite the efforts of protestors across the nation, December 18’s ELD mandate has finally come to pass. This doesn’t mean the protests will stop – far from it. Many drivers have expressed intentions to keep voicing their concerns against what many believe is an overreaching and, in some cases even hazardous, change to their line of work. With all the support ELDs get from a portion of the trucking industry, it’s easy to forget there are good arguments against the change as well. Some carriers may be giddy about the switch, but this isn’t true with everyone who enters...

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3 Positive Takeaways from the ELD Mandate

December 18 has finally come – and this means almost all CDL truck drivers on the road will have to utilize electronic logging devices to record their hours. With paper logbooks now a thing of the past and only a few exceptions to the new rule being granted, the trucking industry is about to change in a big way. But despite the negativity surrounding the adoption of ELD’s, some truckers in the industry have a positive opinion of the move. Protests may continue to roll on and the negatives about ELDs will be discussed soon – but for now,...

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Ports Issue New Proposal on Pressing Issue

The ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach California are very important to the nation’s freight economy. The SoCal area is known for more than moving imports, however, with labor disputes marring the reputation of the area and putting companies under the public spotlight. With some drivers claiming they were tricked into lease-to-own schemes and forced to work for less than a dollar per day, trucking in SoCal has been compared to indentured servitude. Everyone from carriers to regulators to retail giants have been accused of profiting from the scheme, and many protestors have demanded action. While the issue...

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The Pros and Cons of Truck Platooning

There is strength in numbers. This is a concept that is true in nearly all industries. Since freight transportation is one where a high amount of risk is always present, taking to the roads with trusted teammates and colleagues can make any driver’s trip better. Truck platooning has been a popular practice since commercial trucks have been on the roads. Vehicles driving in a standard formation can provide a number of benefits. However, it has also drawn concerns from many people on the grounds that it is a safety hazard. Truck platooning can help commercial vehicles keep a steady...

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