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Trucking Company Pays Settlement After Fiery Crash

A trucking company recently paid a large settlement at the end of a lawsuit pertaining to a ghastly crash. The proceedings where held after an accident last year claimed the life of a South Carolina truck driver. The accident was a brutal one, resulting from another driver’s apparent lapse of concentration coupled with negligence behind the wheel. The accident occurred when the late driver was coming up a hill on August 19th. The driver was traveling in the early hours of the morning and was driving at a speed of about 25 mph according to his attorney. The trucker,...

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Gambling on the Future in the Trucking Industry

There is a common philosophy used by business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their operations and turn dreams into realities. The adage says reward does not come without risk. Though it is true that it becomes harder to make money without spending some first, taking a big chance doesn’t always guarantee a good result. Trucking has the unique distinction of being a vital and stable industry while also being quite tumultuous in its performance at times. The stability comes from trucking’s position as a cornerstone of the U.S. (and the world) economy. Even as things change and technology promises...

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Busting the Myths About Commercial Trucking

The trucking industry is one that is entwined forever with American culture. Truckers have drawn comparisons to frontiersmen, and have been commemorated in books, movies, and songs. However, there are still a few common misconceptions people have about the trucking industry as a whole. Despite the popularity of the job and the important function that it serves, some people still end up believing outdated or incorrect ideas that persist even today. One of the first myths about truck driving is that drivers are no longer as vital as they once were. This myth is rooted in a half-truth, as...

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What Shapes the Life of a Truck Driver?

Signing up for a unique line of work makes for some unexpected occurrences. Though most drivers know what they’re getting themselves into and appreciate many aspects of the job, everyone gets a different experience. Trucking, to those on the outside of the industry, is often viewed as a homogenous industry. Many people still think of trucking as an old school, straight-forward industry where drivers haul goods and collect their pay. While this isn’t wrong, it is an oversimplified view. Everything about a truck driver’s job from the company that employs them to the type of freight they’re hauling can...

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Daimler Trucks Offers Advanced Connectivity Service

Staying connected is more important than ever in the trucking industry. In a fragmented market, connectivity can mean an increase in productivity, efficiency, and safety. One carrier is working to give their customers all of these things through the use of a new service. Daimler Trucks recently announced that their North America division will be offering the service to fleets that use their Freightliner and Western Star trucks. The company promises that the connectivity service will bring trucks and technology together more effectively, primarily by improving the approach to data analytics. Collecting and using information is important for carriers...

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