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Wal-Mart’s WAVE Concept Truck Dressed to Impress

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) reported in 2014 that the trucking industry spent about $147 billion on fuel. Even though we are seeing the lowest oil prices since 2009, the ATA estimates that this year the trucking sector will tally up a bill of about $105 billion in fuel charges. “Fuel is usually our first- or second-largest expense, along with labor costs,” said Sean McNally, an ATA spokesman. “Reducing fuel expenditures would be a huge benefit to trucking and to the economy.” Oil will not stay below $50 a barrel for ever, and even while it is fuel cost...

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Proposed Bill Would Require New Safety Tech on Big Rigs

In the past year and a half, Georgia’s Interstate 16 has been the site of two accidents involving tractor-trailers that have resulted in 10 deaths. In April, five Georgia Southern Nursing students were killed when they were struck from behind by a semi truck. Another five lost their lives a month later in a similar situation. In an effort to prevent tragedies such as these, Congressman Hank Johnson is putting a bill before Congress that would require automatic breaking systems on all new commercial vehicles. Volvo is the maker of innovative technology that uses sensors to alert drivers if...

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Indiana’s for Logistics Industry

For the past seven years, the Conexus Indiana Logistics Council (CILC), a planning group and advocate for the logistics industry, has been working to improve the infrastructure behind its logistics industry. Recently, they just announced a $4 billion dollar plan for Northeast Indiana, but the basis of the plan goes back to 2008 when CILC laid out Phase I: A Plan for Indiana’s Logistics Future, a list of short-term strategies and plans for the state. The group traveled across the state and met with elected officials, groups for economic development and logistic company’s executives. Many of the idea with...

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California’s Port Congestion, Focus on Disputes

One-third of California’s economy is supported by the movement of freight and all its components, including the seaside ports systems. In 2013, it brought in over $700 billion and supported about 5 million jobs. Some of the nation’s biggest ports are those in California, including Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland, and their system of moving freight needs to be vastly improved if the market is to continue to grow. In July of this year, California Governor Jerry Brown became the fourth governor to create a plan in hopes of improving the transportation of goods in his state. He...

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Update from the Women In Trucking Conference

Last month, over 350 executives working in our nation’s transportation industry participated in the first annual Women In Trucking (WIT) Conference and Expo entitled “Accelerate!” at the Hitlon Anatole resort in Dallas, Texas. The conference and exposition was for anyone in the transportation, logistics, and supply chain business who wanted to gain insight on important issues and trends in the sectors, while networking with peers and building business relationships. The conference was host to the perspectives of women in the transportation industry and the positive impact they can bring to their work. The event worked to encouraging the employment...

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