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Rhode Island Bridges To Begin Truck Only Tolls

The bridges in Rhode Island are undoubtedly in the worst shape, but this impression is not likely to last long. The state has announced that it will begin tolling trucks and use the money collected to fix the structurally-deficient bridges. The plan was adopted earlier this month and signed off by Gina Raimondo. According to many agency reports, tractor trucks are the major cause of road damage and must therefore pay for it. The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) hopes that once the collection of tolls begins, they will most likely be raising approximately $45 million a year....

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Trucking Industry Is the Foundation of the Economy

We observe trucks being driven on most freeways and highways, and drive alongside them as well. But what most of the people don’t realize is that the trucking industry is one of the major proponents of the American economy and has played a critical part in making the holiday celebrations a success for families all across the country. Every item, ranging from the Christmas trees, which are harvested far away and carried by trailer trucks to the neighborhoods near us, to the holiday meal, which is cooked using groceries that are hauled by trucks from the food manufacturing plants...

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Alberta Justice writes one of the biggest traffic tickets ever – $25,000 dollars

Truckers are trained till they are experts in navigating roads. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when driving a truck, things which normal vehicle drivers do not have to account for. One trucker went against his training and education and ignored signs, resulting in a disaster. An old bridge that was under repair had a limit of 10,000kg and the truck had more than twice that much weight. Even though there were clear markers everywhere, the trucker ignored them and went ahead on the bridge. The fine levied on the driver is $25,000 dollars,...

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Children Being Taught The Importance Of Trucks And Truckers

Truckers accomplish a lot of tasks that are hard, and require power and determination, which go unappreciated. But it isn’t often that the tasks accomplished by trucks and truckers can be referred to as ‘adorable’ but that is the only word that aptly defines the Trucker Buddy Program. Trucker Buddy International is a nonprofit organization that aims to educate children about the trucking industry and truckers. There are many great programs initiated by the Trucker Buddy, the chief of which connects truckers to school classrooms where the students get to ask questions and receive updates about the activities of...

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Security Experts: Cargo Thieves Are Operating Behind Desks

Greater Toronto Area has gained popularity as the “shopping triangle” in the security circles, especially because of the cargo thieves, who continue to cause trouble for the Canadian trucking industry. They managed to wreak havoc by stealing $5 billion worth of goods last year, snapping up things including electronics and metals. According to the reports by Insurance Bureau of Canada, insurance claims by the trucking companies have nearly doubled up in the past year, and have reached a monumental figure of 400 in the South Ontario area, where the cargo theft crisis is escalating day by day. Shopping triangle...

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