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Breaking The Stereotype – A Female Drives Heavy-Duty Truck

Tiffany Deering from Delaware may not look like your everyday truck driver; nevertheless she is not like your every day 28-year old brunette either. Breaking the age old beliefs and setting foot in the trucking industry has been a great step for her, towards breaking stereotypes and introducing a cultural move. Along with her husband, John, she has been driving the 53-foot trailer for Werner Enterprises for more than a year now. While equally taking 12 hour shifts, the military veteran couple lawfully drives 24 hours a day. Deering shared the reaction of other truck drivers when she stops...

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CDTi And Hino Trucks Enter Into A Distribution Agreement

A part of Toyota Group Companies and a subsidiary of Hino Motors Ltd., Hino Trucks is located in West Virginia and has been the prime assembler of trucks for several years now. The company manufactures trucks under the brand name Hino by providing service parts and components for both Toyota and Hino products. Hino has established its name globally and is known for its high quality, durable heavy-duty, medium-duty trucks and buses. As to this date, the brand is 80-years-old and it is also the record holder for being the third largest truck manufacture globally. In the U.S., its...

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New Technology All Set to Transform the Trucking Industry

New technological advancements are all set to take the trucking industry by storm. The industry will not only be revolutionized by these new advancements, but will also be made much safer than before. The driver’s safety, which has been one of the major concerns over the years, is now aggressively being addressed with new developments being made on fuel efficiency. Nearly 4,000 Americans are killed each year and about 85,000 are injured in road accidents involving these huge vehicles. Since 2009, death rate due to big rig crashes has increased 17 percent and injuries have raised 28 percent. Considering...

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US Natural Gas Usage Increasing: Will It Replace Diesel?

Last year, the administrator of the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) stated in a report that the EIA expects natural gas use will increase dramatically in the trucking and commercial transportation industry in the next 25 years. They also believe that natural gas prices will continue to be lower than the prices of crude oil through the year till 2040. This seems to be in favor of natural gas. However, the EIA also stated that within the same interval, the price of natural gas will most likely be affected by the greater amounts the U.S. is exporting, a decrease...

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Online Shipping Rescued By Trucker Teams

Trucker teams are in great demand during the holiday season. This is due to the hectic online shopping season, which compels most companies to transport large quantities of goods over long distances. But for this, they require an affordable solution. In such a chaotic time, truck-driver teams have once again proven that they are the heroes of the holidays. This holiday season, most of the retailers and parcel carrier companies turned towards truck-driver teams, in which a driver pairs up with another to enable the truck to travel for hundreds of miles without having the need to rest or...

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