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International Trucks’ New HX Series

On February 15, 2016, International Trucks announced that it has received an order of more than 300 HX series haul trucks. This will be one of the largest one-time orders the company has undertaken to date. Based in Concord, Va., RLJ Thompson Trucking, Inc recently announced their decision to make such a huge investment, even though the 2016 forecasts don’t project a prosperous year for the trucking industry. To state the reason behind their decision, the company’s spokesperson made the following remarks, “This interest is fueled by how we designed our new HX Series based on in-depth discussions with...

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Kansas House Rejects The Plan To Raise Speed Limit

News relating to increasing the speed limit in Kansas City has been discussed the past few weeks. Legislative committees presented bills to raise the speed limit from 75 to 80 miles per hour and were waiting for the House vote. The decision was finally announced on February 22, 2016. The Kansas House of Representatives decided against the move to 80 mph. The state did increase speed from 65 to 70 miles per hour on some two-lane highways. The bill 106-19, given by the House, has given clear instructions to the State’s secretary of transportation to increase the speed limits...

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Trailer Aerodynamic Devices Actually Work

North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) recently issued a Confidence Report concluding that the trailer aerodynamic devices truly work in saving fuel ranges from 1-10%. Three very key areas of the trailer fuel consumption including the underbody, trailer gap, and rear of the trailer were studied in the research to take a look at the opportunities aerodynamic devices can provide. The results found were very promising. Talking about the importance of fleet aerodynamic devices in a press conference at the TMC’s spring meetings, NAFCE’s Mike Roeth shared that aerodynamic devices for trailers present many opportunities that must not...

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Truck Volume Growth Slowing In 2016

The U.S. truck tonnage demand for high inventories has seen a downfall nationwide since January 1st. Although the tonnage remained flat as last year’s year-over-year comparison, the volume of the month-over-month declined by 1.4%. Chief Economist Bob Costello at American Trucking Association said, “Clearly, 2016 started soft for truck tonnage”. Last year’s ending quarter set a benchmark with the highest all-time seasonally adjusted For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index despite the slowing down of freight volume in the second quarter of 2015. Unfortunately, Costello believes that the deceleration will be lingering in the first quarter of 2016. He also believes that...

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Lift-Truck Sales Exceed Expectations in 2015

As reported by the Industry Truck Association (ITA), the lift-truck industry of North America has set a new record and seen most success since 2006 which comes as good news to all lift-truck manufacturers, suppliers, and investors. Truly, the lift-truck industry was witnessing a soaring boom in the material handling industry and was able to export a total of 225,534 units in 2015. These retail orders in all classes reached a benchmark number back in the pre-recession era of 2006, when it reached the 215,000 units in a year mark. But that trend unfortunately didn’t continue. Brett Wood, the...

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