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NTEA Work Truck Show 2016 Features 3D Printing

3-D printing, or additive printing as it is synonymously called, involves the process of creating three dimensional objects from a computer-designed model in nearly any shape or size. Successive layers of material are laid down at a time, completing a three dimensional figure. Who would have thought that one day this incredible technology will reshape the world around us? And the use of this potentially incredible technology will now be showcased in the upcoming 2016’s Work Truck Show to be held at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis from March 1-4. According to Doyle Sumrall, the NTEA managing director,...

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Take Your Kids Trucking With You

One of the hardest parts of the job for a truck driver is being away from family for extended periods. It’s tough to be out on the highway, logging hour after hour, knowing your children are at home running around the backyard without you chasing them and completing school projects without your help. But have you ever thought that they might be the ones who are actually missing out? Driving across the country can often be just as educational as school. Many parents take their kids out for vacations, so why not you? Imagine your kids staring awestruck at...

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2016 Best Fleets to Drive Announced

2016 Best Fleets to Drive For has been announced this running week by CarriersEdge and The Truckload Carriers Association. Best Fleets to Drive For® is a yearly contest and survey produced by CarriersEdge, in partnership with Truckload Carriers Association to recognize the for-hire trucking companies from across North America that create the best experience for their drivers and owner operators. The results for the 8th national survey and contest were announced on Monday, January 25, 2016. Only the companies who met the requirements of operating 10 or more trucks and having been nominated by at least one of their...

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Trucker Health: Is This Issue Being Addressed Properly?

Every trucker knows that a life on the road can be demanding both physically and mentally. While many truck drivers are willing to accept the challenges that come with the job, that type of confidence doesn’t stop this occupation from taking its toll on a driver’s body and mind. This has been an issue in the industry for decades, but recent developments have at least attempted to address concerns about trucker health. But have these attempts been successful? The Physical Toll the Job Takes on a Truck Driver Even if a truck driver is great at maintaining his or...

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Drivers of Second Largest Private Trucking Company in USA Get a Raise

Representative of the nation’s second-largest private trucking enterprise, U.S. Xpress, announced earlier this week that, starting from March, solo drivers with one year of driving without any violations will get a 13.5% pay raise per mile. This would advance the wage and a driver making 80 cents per mile will then make 90 cents a mile, for example. Last year, U.S. Xpress raised driver wages by 13% across the board. According to the company’s spokesperson, this new measure will raise a solo driver with five years of experience to $70k a year. Like most truckload and long-haul carriers, U.S....

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