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US Customs Inspect Trucks Coming From Mexico

In order to reduce speed cargo and congestion on one of the busiest border checkpoints of the nation, for the first time since Tuesday, U.S. authorities have started operating on Mexican land and inspecting trucks destined to the United States from Tijuana, in accordance with a new border enforcement plan. The program was jointly launched by Mexican and US officials after opposition from the Mexican legislators was dropped and the nation’s firearm laws were amended, allowing immigration and foreign custom officials to carry arms on the post. Formerly an electronics equipment factory, now staffed with US and Mexican officials,...

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Smuggling of Illegal Immigrants in an 18-Wheeler in Texas

During a truck inspection on the 12th of December, 2015 at the checkpoint of the Laredo’s city border, Texas police found illegal immigrants being smuggled in the 18-wheeler truck they were inspecting. The truck was employed by Freight Lines. According to the police, the 34 year-old truck driver’s name is Thomas Gray. When he was instructed to step out and open the back of his truck, he ran into the woods. After the police broke open the lock, they found a stack of frozen cow meat in the refrigerated area of the truck. While they were thinking that there...

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Safety First For Truck Drivers

The trucking industry, like all the others, is not independent of the effects of change. Some of the practices remain same over the years, but some change every year. Before 2016 starts, trucking companies and analysts, as well as researchers, are predicting a number of modifications, which will occur over the course over next year. The driver shortage is predicted to remain the same; however, other notable alterations will be felt by all trucking enterprises, in the safety department. Before the New Year starts, many companies are revising their safety measures and repairing and updating their vehicles, according to...

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Truck Driving – Hope for A New Career

Trucking industry is a good place to start a new career. Although the working hours are long and drivers are required to spend a lot of time away from home, a career in the trucking industry will provide employees with stability. Christopher Pettyjohn, of Macon, is a shining example of a driver who switched his career to try his hand at driving long-haul carriers. After he was laid off from his job, he tried to find employment for several months, and when all the interviews were unsuccessful and other opportunities didn’t pan out, he decided to try his hand...

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LLT Carriers Groups Is Disappointed over Twin 33 Rejection

The House of Republicans not only rejected the twin 33-foot trailers, but they also nullified a provision that authorized longer rigs to be operable from 2016. This indirect authorization would have allowed the fleet companies to practice the omnibus appropriations measure. However, there is still a sliver of hope left for the fleet enterprises as the senate is still thinking about approving the measure. This provision, rejected by the house, would have allowed the states to legalize the operations of twin 33 foot trailers as well as the 28 foot trailers, which have been driving on the highways, since...

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