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Public Hearings On Issues With Automated Vehicle Safety

Two public hearings will be held by Department of Transportation (DOT) as reported in a blog post by Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx. The date and time of each of the hearing will soon be posted. One of the hearings will be held in California while the other one will be in Washington D.C. The issue to be addressed in both the hearings will revolve around safety producers and how to incorporate the best safety operations in automated motors. Rumors have it, that the first hearing in Washington is expected to be held on April 2016, but it is...

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Wide Tires Recommended To Improve Efficiency

The popularity of wide based tires continues to increase as the Saskatchewan Trucking Association announced that it would be working to increase their adoption among truckers. The tires have been in the market for a long time now and every year their market share increases. The STA asked its members to join the association in making the campaign successful. The campaign will be focused on getting all the trucks in the Saskatchewan state to use wide based tires exclusively. This is a major endorsement and one that may be warranted as well as needed. The Saskatchewan Trucking Association stated...

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UBER For The Trucking Industry

We all know how UBER has changed the personal transportation industry. We were all using normal taxis and suddenly there was this new and much more convenient option available. A lot of other companies are taking the UBER idea and applying it to other industries. The trucking industry is no exception and is perfect for UBER. In order to understand why such apps are so important it needs to be understood that small trucking company owners have it the hardest. If your fleet is huge then it can easily get work from big companies. If your fleet is not...

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February Freight Shipments Up 8.3% From January

According to a new report published by Cass Information Systems headed by Roslyn Wilson, the number of freight shipments in North America for the month of February 2016 showed an 8.3% increase. Talking about the changing trend in the global market, Wilson believed that, “The robust turnaround this month signals improvement, but current economic conditions do not support a robust rebound.” She further stated that the, “Global markets are still weak — especially with China’s economic turmoil — which is reducing demand. The U.S. dollar remains strong, making our export goods more expensive on world markets; consumers are in...

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ELD requirement may lower trucking industry efficiency

By 2017 the federal government expects the whole truck industry to be onboard with the ELD program. ELDs may have been adopted by most big carriers but small trucking companies are still holding out. The decision for them to hold out till the end might be a bad one, as the drivers will not have enough time to get familiar with them. John Larkin, a prominent figure in the trucking industry and the MD of Truckload Carriers Association has said that the overall efficiency of the trucking industry will also be lowered because of these devices. He says that...

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