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Kenworth Truck Causes a Fire Incident

A&R Logistics sued the Kenworth Truck fleet company in 2011, for the fire incident caused by one of their trucks. According to the company’s claims, a Kenworth truck caused a fire accident on its premises. The suit also included PACCAR, Inc. as a defendant. A&R Logistics has purchased and utilized Kenworth tractor trailers for years. These vehicles are specifically designed, manufactured, assembled, produced, distributed and sold by a stream of commerce departments by PACCAR and Kenworth. The distribution vehicles also included a 2011 Kenworth T660 tractor trailer. The lawsuit was filed as a complaint in the Wood Circuit Court...

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Major Trucking Elements in the New U.S. Highway Funding Bill

The new Highway Funding Bill that was passed by the House and the Senate has been signed into law by President Barack Obama. The new legislation will not only effect the American trucking fleet companies but also the Canadian trucking enterprises, who haul goods into America and drive on the U.S. highways. The new Highway Bill is termed as Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, which authorizes the authorities to spend $305 billion on the restructuring, construction and maintenance of highways and transit. But those companies and drivers who are directly associated with the trucking industry should acquaint themselves...

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Donation of Goods by Ellicott City family to a Small West Virginia Town

If you are considering a career in truck driving or the transportation industry, or are already an employee in a fleet company, it is important to be aware of all the facts and knowledge concerning the medical conditions that hinder driving ability. The most important condition is high blood pressure (BP). Drivers who have high BP can be allowed to drive and operate a heavy commercial vehicle over interstate highways and roads, but the fleet companies and the FMCSA does require the driver to pass medical testing. After which they will be issued a medical certificate that authorizes them...

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Omnitracs Unveils Latest Routing and Tracking Upgrades

Omnitracs Roadnet Technologies has launched a new upgrade in their FleetLoader, Scheduler and MobileCast to aid fleet companies in maintaining enhanced flexibility and efficiency in route management. It will also be an instrumental enhancement in the field of driver and truck tracking. Omnitracs has provided several high-tech solutions in the past, to the fleet companies, and this modern solution is no different. The company has provided fleet enterprises with the ability to constantly track the vehicles’ and driver’s operations and route, at all times. Omnitracs has announced the launch date and according to their official representatives, the Roadnet Transportation...

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E-Log Mandate to Be Implemented By December, 2017

According to the recent announcement by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a federal E-Log mandate is now set to be published by the end of this week. This rule will specify the requirements and regulations regarding the usage of Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) for truck drivers. Most fleet companies already use these machines or logging systems to keep better track of their drivers, as well as to keep an immaculate record of the duty status of a particular driver. However, this rule will take effect from December 16, 2017, providing drivers with a two-year window to abide...

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