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Truckers Satisfied with Trump Administration’s Tax Cuts

2017 was a solid year for the trucking industry, all things considered. But a recent cut in taxes may make next year even better. A proposed change to tax rates passed both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate in a close vote, marking the most significant legislative victory by the GOP since they got control of both chambers in early 2015. The plan will slash the corporate tax rate by 14 percent, taking it from 35 percent all the way down to 21 percent. It also overhauls the entire tax bracket for personal income, lowering the top...

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Could Artificial Intelligence Impact Trucking’s Logistics Sector?

In the trucking industry, logistics management is one of the most important parts of the job. Most carriers have dedicated departments, who are put on staff solely to help the company allocate their existing resources in the most efficient manner possible. More specifically, this means helping trucking companies decide how they can move the most freight to the most clients while expending the fewest resources. Unsurprisingly, this process involves a lot of calculations about routes, resources, and return-on-investment for any move a carrier takes. But while the topic of smart machines and artificial intelligence has some people worried about...

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What Laws Will the Trucking Industry Push for in 2018?

For truck drivers, having a say in the regulatory state of their industry is very important. If drivers and trucking managers don’t voice their opinions on how their industry should be regulated, outsiders will – and sometimes the combined input of many industry experts still falls short of accomplishing the things they’d like to. While truckers got a lot accomplished in 2017, they hope to continue this positive trend in 2018. There are several things they hope to get done in Washington, as their efforts to improve their line of work can sometimes require the help of lawmakers. Here...

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Did Trucking Dodge Two Regulatory Bullets in 2017?

Trucking has been buzzing about 2017’s electronic logging device (ELD) mandate for months. Undoubtedly the most talked-about regulation of the year, this measure was discussed for years prior. Concerns about fudging of paper logs and drowsy drivers disobeying hours-of-service rules helped the proposal become law. December 18 has come and passed, meaning the mandate is now in effect. Though a grace period will be going on until April 1, some people are still worried about the impact of this law. But while 2017 was known for one of the most sweeping regulatory changes in the freight industry, trucking narrowly...

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Biofuels: Trucking’s Ace in the Hole, or a Backup at Best?

The topic of energy choice in trucking has gotten a little more complex in recent years. While most commercial operators have come to view diesel as the lifeblood of their industry, technology has presented some new options. With companies like Tesla and Volvo offering truck drivers the chance to power their rigs either partially or completely with electric batteries, leaving a smaller footprint is becoming more economically feasible – even for an industry that’s been long criticized for its emission levels. But there’s another potential alternative that could power commercial trucks – biofuels. While the technology for these engines...

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