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3 Nutrition Tips to Help Busy Truck Drivers

With all the talk about nutrition in the trucking industry, it can be hard to know where to start. Many different groups and organizations inside the field and out have proposed ways drivers can stay healthy despite the challenges their job presents. Truckers aren’t given the luxury of being able to walk around regularly and get exercise like people in many other lines of work. Combine this with the fact that fast food restaurants often outnumber healthy food stores on the road, and it’s easy to see where the difficulties arise. Luckily, there are a few tricks drivers can...

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Will the Trucker Shortage Impact Relief Efforts?

After a disastrous period for the U.S. in terms of natural disasters, rebuilding efforts are underway in multiple locations across the country. Between the wildfires in the west and the massive hurricanes in the south, there are plenty of locations that need extra help. More specifically, those areas ravaged by Harvey and Irma need a plethora of supplies – and dedicated drivers to help make it happen. Despite being stretched thin already, truck drivers have sprung into action. Heading to Florida and Texas, drivers are bringing along everything from food to water to clothing. Even generators and machinery are...

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The Connection Between Time and Trucking

Keeping track of the time is easy in some lines of work. You simply check the clock, or set an alarm if you have a certain point you’re waiting for. In a professional setting, deadlines are sometimes plentiful. This means when it comes to tracking time, multiple things must be considered. The amount of time it takes to complete a task must be factored in with the deadline, as well as room for any changes that may occur last-minute. This is true in all industries. From the construction worker who has to finish a project by a promised date...

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The Fear of Over Regulation in Trucking

There was a time when the term freedom was synonymous with truck driving. Compared to frontiersmen and adventures from centuries ago, truckers were long considered to be escaping from the traditional work grind. It doesn’t mean trucking is easy, it just means it provides opportunities that other lines of work don’t. For those who are willing to put up with the tough aspects, driving can be a rewarding career. But while a lot of things in the field have changed, one of the biggest changes deals with the liberating feeling the job once offered. Hauling freight can present dangers,...

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Beyond the Resume: Landing Trucking Jobs

Previously, some tips were given to help truckers create a great resume that can improve their chances of being hired. While the resume is the go-to document for most people seeking a new job, it isn’t the only thing to consider. There are a few other documents which can accompany a resume, improving any applicant’s chances of being chosen. While a resume is the backbone of many applications, a cover letter commonly accompanies it. Though not as important as the resume in terms of the technical information it lists (such as specific experience with companies or types of driving),...

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