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Are Tech-Trucking Startups a Goldmine for Investors?

Trucking is the type of industry where things can change quickly. Despite this, the industry has remained relatively consistent over the years by relying on the same basic business model and the same type of vehicles. Though small changes and upgrades are made every year and new solutions are developed to help the freight industry handle problems as they develop, there has never been a time where technology is more intertwined with the freight industry than now. Trucking technology companies offer a lot of potential benefits, as they pioneer a young but soon-to-be busy market. The move toward decentralized...

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ELD Sales Speed Up Right on Schedule

Truck drivers and carriers have been preparing for over a year since the mandate for electronic logging devices was announced. The move, which resulted from controversies about inaccurate paper logs and drivers becoming drowsy behind the wheel, is still a topic of fierce discussion to this day. While some within the freight transportation field say that ELDs are imperative for keeping the roads safe, others maintain that these devices (and the implementation efforts behind them) will pose a detriment to the industry. This can be seen in the delays on both the driver and administrative sides in freight transportation....

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Retailers Under Fire for Enabling Port Trucking Situation

The Los Angeles and Long Beach areas would seem like a great spot for truckers at first glance. Since so much freight comes through the ports, the area is a popular spot for commercial truck drivers who are looking for extra work. However, sometimes they end up getting into a situation they never could’ve anticipated. It’s been well-documented about the ongoing situation in the area concerning workers who claim they’ve been turned into indentured servants. Due to misclassification as independent contractors rather than employees coupled with lease-to-own costs, many drivers find themselves working twelve hour days for a few...

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The Hidden Hazards of Trucking

There are some obvious hazards to be aware of in the freight transportation industry. Drivers who are brave enough to pilot an 80,000-pound vehicle at highway speeds have already committed to a job many would call dangerous, but not all the threats are as overt as others. While the obvious dangers like other motorists and the hazardous cargo some drivers haul are easy to see as threats, some people neglect to consider the other things drivers deal with. These hazards are sometimes harder to deal with than others, primarily because they can be harder to anticipate and plan against....

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More Details on the San Antonio Smuggling Case

New details have emerged in the case of James Bradley Jr., a truck driver who is facing human trafficking charges after ten undocumented immigrants perished in the back of his trailer during an alleged smuggling attempt turned fatal. The incident is already being ranked among the most gruesome human trafficking incidents in U.S. history, with many individuals still injured as a result of being trapped inside the sweltering container without proper airflow or water. The driver claims he did not know the individuals were inside, and was caught off guard when they emerged from the trailer once he came...

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