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What Are the Mental Risks of Truck Driving?

Truck driving offers a work environment that is quite unique when compared to the “traditional job.” While most people clock in at a single facility on a regular schedule, commercial drivers take to new roads on a regular basis. Long hours in unfamiliar areas and away from loved ones can weigh heavily on a driver’s mental health. While the physical aspect of health in the trucking industry has been studied heavily, similar attention has yet to be given to the stress drivers face in their line of work. Anxiety is something many drivers face, as their dealings with dispatchers,...

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Rhode Island Trucker Toll Controversy Continues

The state of Rhode Island has been a topic in the trucking conversation for months now, with a controversy concerning a toll plan by the state’s government causing many in the freight industry to raise concerns. Last year, a law was passed allowing highway tolls to be charged to drivers of large trucks. The purported purpose of the tolls was to repair state infrastructure. However, trucking experts have said the language within the bill does not specify that the tolls charged to truck drivers would all pay for infrastructure actually used by the freight industry. Many look at this...

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Company Accused of Allowing Overweight Loads

Weight limits are an important regulatory measure in trucking. Not only are these limits designed to protect infrastructure, they’re designed to protect drivers. A trucking company has been accused of encouraging employees to transport overweight loads, which an employee alleges caused mechanical failures in the vehicles. A transporter of fly ash faces a complaint filed in the Putnam Circuit Court on May 4th. Brandon Abboud alleges the company, Michael Cochran, and Matthew Brown allowed drivers to transport overweight loads. According to the complaint, Abboud found out about the weight problem when his truck began experiencing serious mechanical problems. He...

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How Dangerous Are High Winds to Truckers?

Truck driving is an industry with plenty of challenges. Despite the best efforts of drivers, carriers, and regulators, some threats in the field can’t always be guarded against. Weather is often thought of as an issue which drivers can never have full protection from. Though rainstorms and snowstorms are usually pegged as the biggest threats to drivers, high winds are also a serious hazard. This was demonstrated in a tragic accident that claimed the life of James Budlong, a 70-year-old truck driver. High winds turned the trucker’s vehicle on its side, pinning him and ultimately leading to his death....

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Will Uber’s Legal Troubles Hamper Its Trucking Aspirations?

The new Uber Freight app has made waves in both industries of technology and freight transportation. Though the company has the technology to bring big changes to trucking, its high hopes could be slowed down because of an ongoing legal battle. There’s no question that Uber is one of the biggest names when it comes to modern techs in trucking. Their success as a new entrant into an established industry will depend heavily on the public’s perception of the company. Uber will soon release the result of an internal investigation based on a former employee’s accusations of a sexist...

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