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Recalling the Problems of Port-based Carriers

Recent headlines about the treatment of truck drivers near California’s ports have drawn concerns from administrators and human rights advocates alike. Some truckers claim they were forced to work for 12 hours a day for less than a dollar, with carriers indebting them and working them to the point of exhaustion. Problems of this type are a serious concern, but it is worth noting this isn’t the only trucking-based controversy to hit the area. This area of California sees plenty of freight deliveries, with the nearby ports being used for a large portion of America’s imports. The busy and...

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Driving Time Could Quadruple in One US City?

Truckers are always racing against time. Part of the job is to make deliveries as quickly as possible while adhering to all pertinent safety requirements and speed limits. However, one city in Alabama may cause drivers to face some serious delays. The Alabama Department of Transportation will be closing Interstate 59/20 bridges in order to demolish and replace them. This change could have a big impact on truckers, leading to driving times doubling and even quadrupling. A manager of a Birmingham-based carrier recently noted that with only 11 hours available per day to legally operate trucks, spending one hour...

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Best Truck Shows and Events of 2017

I bet at least once in your life your parents or friends have taken you to either a car or boat show right? My father and I are huge car/ truck fanatics and have been to more cars shows than I can imagine. There are a lot of different shows around the country involving cars, boats, guns and really whatever you can think of, but the some of the best ones in the country involve ones that revolve the trucking industry, the most popular ones for 2017 are listed below.   Mid-America Trucking Show – March 23-25, 2017 Louisville,...

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Trucking Company Facing Lawsuit After Crash

A devastating crash has one Dallas-based trucking company facing a lawsuit. A lawyer in Austin filed the case after a young girl was seriously injured in a crash involving a commercial truck in Round Rock. 19-year-old Lindsey Plummer was making her way home after a day out with her mother when the two were stopped in traffic on IH-35. Suddenly, the vehicle was struck from behind by an 18-wheeler. Plummer recalled the incident, saying she could feel the impact and hear the glass breaking, but soon saw nothing as everything went black. After calling police, she discovered the cause...

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Trucking Company Accused of Leaving Drivers Stranded

Drivers face threats from the motoring public, weather, and even the sedentary nature of their work arrangement. With so many hazards to deal with, drivers should certainly be able to depend on their companies. However, one carrier operated by a former Arrow executive is being accused of putting drivers at risk. The actions of the carrier pose as serious of a threat as any other one on the road, with drivers saying the carrier left them stranded. Omni Specialized is an Illinois-based carrier ran by Thomas Witt since 2016. Witt’s former company, Arrow Trucking, closed its doors right before...

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