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Author: Morgan Star

How Bad Can a Truck Accident Mess Up Your Car?

Truck accidents are on the rise. Truck drivers drive for long hours, making it difficult for them to stay focused on the road. However, the reason why a truck crashes is not as important as the impact it leaves behind. In addition to medical bills, you could have tens of thousands of dollars in repair fees. Learn about the extent of damages that are caused when large commercial trucks collide with much smaller cars.   Windshield and Front Section An 18-wheeler truck traveling at a high speed could collide with a car and crush its whole front section. The...

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5 Reasons Texting Doesn’t Belong in the Hands of the Driver

Texting and driving has become part of the culture today, and despite the numerous death-related accidents involving these distracted drivers, the issue remains. The following 5 reasons texting doesn’t belong in the hands of drivers might be eye-opening for some, and raise awareness for others. The more this issue has a light cast on it, the safer the roadways will eventually be. 1. Other Distracted Drivers If you are texting while driving, your focus is not on the road. Add into the mix the other drivers texting while driving, and it doesn’t take much for two drivers to be...

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