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Author: Morgan Star

Making Your Manufacturing and Distribution More Mobile

The manufacturing industry is one of the most competitive in the world. It is vital you know how to get the most out of your asset, so you can grow quickly and avoid common pitfalls. If you don’t, you might see your competitors innovating in ways that push you out of the market. To make sure your profits are secured now and into the future, you need to be more mobile. Here is how to achieve better mobility and greater influence as a distributor. Inventory Software Inventory is the major overhead component of any manufacturing process. From the moment you get your hands on the raw materials that make up your product or the finished product sitting in a warehouse, you need physical space and labor to take care of the goods. This increases your costs. However, if you use software that allows you to track your inventory automatically, you can enjoy the power of knowing exactly what you have and where. You can weigh decision about how much more space to purchase, or people to hire based on knowing the details of this aspect of your company.   Distribution Distribution is the act of getting your products in the hands of retailers and customers. It can be a logistics nightmare if you don’t have the right tools. Luckily you can connect into your truck fleet and do distribution...

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Six Types of Security Technology Your Truck Fleet Needs

Few things are more costly for a distributing process than a stolen truck. If you have a large fleet to protect, you should enroll in a comprehensive business insurance policy and install modern anti-theft security systems. Here are six anti-theft security systems that no truck fleet should be without. Insurance and Surveillance Though you might not think of it as security, having good insurance is a great way of protecting your fleet and merchandise. In addition to getting coverage against physical damage, you should have some kind of auto dealership security or surveillance to protect against theft on your lot or garage. This could be things like locks and lighting, but you could also install cameras for live surveillance.   GPS Tracking A GPS tracker in each vehicle can tell you where the truck is, which direction it is headed, and how fast it is traveling at any time. If a truck is stolen, you’ll be able to tell where it is and send a recovery team or notify the police. You’ll also be able to track your drivers out in the field and see if they are on time with deliveries or behind schedule.   Radio Homing Device A GPS device can usually tell the police exactly where to find your stolen truck, but if car thieves spirit it away to a remote location, GPS might not be...

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How Bad Can a Truck Accident Mess Up Your Car?

Truck accidents are on the rise. Truck drivers drive for long hours, making it difficult for them to stay focused on the road. However, the reason why a truck crashes is not as important as the impact it leaves behind. In addition to medical bills, you could have tens of thousands of dollars in repair fees. Learn about the extent of damages that are caused when large commercial trucks collide with much smaller cars.   Windshield and Front Section An 18-wheeler truck traveling at a high speed could collide with a car and crush its whole front section. The...

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5 Reasons Texting Doesn’t Belong in the Hands of the Driver

Texting and driving has become part of the culture today, and despite the numerous death-related accidents involving these distracted drivers, the issue remains. The following 5 reasons texting doesn’t belong in the hands of drivers might be eye-opening for some, and raise awareness for others. The more this issue has a light cast on it, the safer the roadways will eventually be. 1. Other Distracted Drivers If you are texting while driving, your focus is not on the road. Add into the mix the other drivers texting while driving, and it doesn’t take much for two drivers to be...

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