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ATRI Issues Data Call for Operational Costs

ATRI Issues Data Call for Operational Costs

Data collection and research plays a big part in the success of freight companies. For logistical and administrative purposes, hard data about carriers and their finances can help management make better decisions and grow their operations.

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) recently issued a call for data related to operational costs. The annual update to the Operational Costs of Trucking report will help carriers better understand where costs are coming from, as well as how recent costs compare to those of past years.

With the new data, ATRI officials will have data from 2008-2016. Basic cost information used in the report will include driver pay, insurance premiums, fuel costs, lease payments, and more.

“We rely on ATRI’s research to inform so much of our operations and the Operational Costs of Trucking is no exception.  The annual report provides a critical benchmark for us to identify where we can improve our operating efficiency across a number of key metrics.  I certainly encourage my colleagues throughout the trucking industry to support ATRI in this critical data collection,” said Dennis Dellinger, president of Cargo Transporters.

Information will be gathered from a survey on ATRI’s website. While the results of the report will be available in late 2017, those who respond and give data will receive an advanced copy.

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