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ATRI Encourages Feedback from Truck Drivers

ATRI Encourages Feedback from Truck Drivers

It’s an industry where the hours are long, the trips are tough, and the freight can’t arrive soon enough. Truck driving continues to be a vital component of the U.S. economy, and drivers continue to watch their industry evolve.

Since truck driving is influenced by so many factors and can change so quickly, it is easy to see while regulators favor feedback as a way to introduce changes. Officials and administrators within the industry know that collective decision making is vital to the success of trucking, as every driver and employee in the freight field has their own story to share.

The American Transportation Research Institute has recently called on drivers to weigh in on the issues currently facing trucking. Gathering information from those in the field makes it easier to see which way the industry is going. It also makes it easier to understand the concerns of truckers so adjustments can be made accordingly.

In the 2017 edition of their annual Top Industry Issues Survey, the organization provides a way for stakeholders to rank their concerns based on severity. The survey, which was commissioned by the American Trucking Associations, has been a helpful part of the trucking industry for over a decade.

In an industry where hard work is sometimes overlooked and hard workers are often taken advantage of, the survey provides a way for thousands of trucking employees to make their voices heard. Everyone from drivers to executives get to be involved.

There were over 3,000 responses to last year’s survey, with almost two-thirds coming from drivers. Motor carriers accounted for just over a quarter of the results, while other industry stakeholders made up the final 7 percent.

The top concerns listed on last year’s survey were the upcoming ELD mandate, the economic impact of regulatory compliance, and the driver shortage. Interestingly enough, motor carriers rated the shortage as the biggest concern when their votes were analyzed alone.

Drivers rated ELDs as their main concern, with hours-of-service and parking problems making the list as well. 2017’s survey results will be released at the Annual ATA Management Conference and Exhibition. The event will be held on October 21-24 in Orlando, Florida.

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