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ATA’s Safety Program Featured at the Lifesavers Conference

ATA’s Safety Program Featured at the Lifesavers Conference

Safety is a top concern of every professional trucking company dedicated to remaining reputable in the eyes of the public. The size and weight of commercial vehicles can make some of the motoring public intimidated to share the road with them. The American Trucking Association’s Share the Road highway safety program is one of the most well-known initiatives designed to help promote safe driving practices, and the program will be featured at this year’s Lifesavers Conference.

Ralph Garcia, a driver from ABF Freight said: “As a truck driver, events like Lifesavers are important to me because it gives us a chance to teach motorists the skills and knowledge they need to operate their vehicles safely near large trucks. We’re out on the roads every day delivering the goods people need, so safety is our biggest priority.”

Trucking companies who abide by safe practices minimize risks, reduce the chance for increased insurance costs, and keep a good reputation which makes it easier for other companies to partner with them. ATA’s Share the Road highway safety program is designed to help promote information and educate other drivers about good habits. Topics such as blind spots, distracted driving, and safe following distances are all discussed at the conference.

The Lifesavers Conference has been going on for over three decades, and professionals from across the globe gather at this event to help create a collective effort of education and activism aimed at reducing road accidents. New highway safety initiatives are often discussed at these events, and the events are also popular spots for trucking companies to debut new safety equipment.

The presence of such a popular organization’s program at a conference of this size shows just how serious safety is taken in the modern day trucking industry. And with networking and education being promoted at this event, it is all but certain that the focus on road safety will continue in the future.

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