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ATA Renews DriverFacts as Featured Product Provider

ATA Renews DriverFacts as Featured Product Provider

The American Trucking Associations has recently announced that DriverFacts will be renewed as an ATA Featured Product Provider. The company, which is an industry-leader in trucking compliance solutions, has helped to promote safety on the roads through the use of proper data.

While many object to certain regulations on the ground that they are made arbitrarily rather than based on a detailed analysis of information from the field, DriverFacts has helped offer the type of information that allows for industry-wide decisions to be made with clarity and confidence.

“From helping to provide the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration with industry feedback on a national drug and alcohol clearinghouse rule, to encouraging skills-based driver training requirements, ATA continues to help trucking companies improve their safety performance,” said ATA President and CEO Chris Spear. “We understand the importance of maintaining accurate employment data and are confident that DriverFacts’ mission is aligned with our own.”

“As an 11-year member of ATA and a Featured Product provider, DriverFacts supports the ATA’s mission and appreciates their advocacy for the trucking industry,” said Dave Widly, president and CEO of DriverFacts. “Like ATA, our goal is to improve efficiency and profitability within the industry while maintaining a primary focus on safety. Our solutions improve processes within safety, HR and recruiting departments, and our data and reporting capabilities can help management and leadership make informed decisions that improve operations across their company. DriverFacts continues to evolve with our customers to provide them with the tools they need to thrive. With retention becoming more important than ever, our newest system developments focus on allowing carriers to use DriverFacts as a 360-degree platform that provides visibility on retention, recruiting and most importantly, driver safety.”

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