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ATA Receives Award from EPA on Earth Day

ATA Receives Award from EPA on Earth Day

Though the industry of freight transportation is one of the first people think of when it comes to problems like fossil fuel emissions, things are changing quickly.

This past Earth Day, trucking shattered stereotypes as the American Trucking Associations was recognized for its seventh EPA SmartWay Affiliate Challenge Award. The SmartWay Affiliate Program, which was designed as a means of helping organizations meet eco-friendly guidelines, has been one of the most well-known awards of its type since its creation.

ATA has consistently placed high in the list of honorees for the program. In a time when climate change is becoming harder to ignore and solutions are being pursued to balance environmentalism with economic growth, being a SmartWay Affiliate is certainly a high honor.

ATA President and CEO Chris Spear spoke about the award, saying: “We take tremendous pride in receiving this award for the seventh time and for the sixth consecutive year. It is a testament to the remarkable progress our industry has made toward energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Our federation is fully committed to reducing fuel use and emissions, setting our industry on a road to a sustainable future that shrinks our environmental footprint and boosts our bottom line.”

The benefits of making a switch to greener practices has been a long-running topic of interest to ATA officials. ATA has been honored by the EPA  while under the guide of two different managers, with former ATA President and CEO Bill Graves stating a few years back that it was great to see government agencies and private organizations working toward the same common goal.

It is estimated that the eco-friendly policies have helped to save the trucking industry more than $25 billion in fuel costs and eliminated 73 metric tons of carbon emissions.

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