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ATA President Comments on Overtime Mandate Being Blocked

ATA President Comments on Overtime Mandate Being Blocked

The American Trucking Associations’ President and CEO Chris Spear recently spoke favorably about a ruling by Judge Amos Mazzant regarding the Obama Administration’s new overtime rule. The judge blocked a new rule from taking effect which would have affected the overtime pay threshold and would’ve impacted many administrators in the trucking industry.

Spear said: “We are pleased that Judge Mazzant has enjoined the Department of Labor’s new overtime rule, which set an arbitrarily high salary threshold for employees covered by the ‘white collar’ exemption to the overtime requirements of federal law.”

Many believed that this type of change would impact the way carriers are handling expenses after a shaky year. It was noted that the doubling of this threshold in accordance with the original rule would’ve resulted in millions of salaried professionals being treated as hourly employees. Not only would this have affected scheduling flexibility, but it may have caused some medium-sized carriers to struggle when it came to staffing dispatchers and managers.

The white-collar exemption was originally intended to be based off an employee’s responsibilities rather than a given salary level. News of the mandate being blocked was relieving for many in the trucking industry, and this change will prevent the new for staffing readjustments in the coming year.

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