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ATA Names Ohio Driver to America’s Road Team

ATA Names Ohio Driver to America’s Road Team

America’s Road Team is a concentrated effort handled largely by the American Trucking Associations with the intent of educating the motoring public and businesses across the country about the trucking industry and the drivers who handle the important task of freight transportation.

Recently ATA named another driver to their 2017-2018 selections. This particular honor went to Scott Harrison, a driver for K-Limited Carrier. The Toledo, Ohio-based company has spoken favorably about the selection. K-Limited Carrier CEO Dean Kaplan said: “We are incredibly proud of Scott. He is a true asset to the trucking industry with his outstanding dedication to safety, and his tireless professionalism. He is, without a doubt, one of the finest drivers in our country.”

Harrison will still continue his job as a driver and certified trainer as he tours the country with the other members of America’s Road Team Captains for the next two years. Candi Coate, Director of Safety & Regulatory Compliance for K-Limited, noted that the company focuses heavily on career development for their employees. Management has voiced their support for Harrison and all that this honor may bring him.

Since 1933, American Trucking Associations has been the leading advocate for the trucking industry. ATA works to educate policymakers and the general public about the essential role trucking plays in the economy, and provides industry leaders with the tools to promote responsible policies.

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