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ATA LEAD Class Makes Trip to Washington

ATA LEAD Class Makes Trip to Washington

The trucking industry is one that is used to regulatory measures and laws having a big impact on everything from startup costs to hiring practices. But many of the most well-known names in the industry have gone to great lengths to become more involved in the legal process in order to make it more effective and less burdensome. Lawmakers have been receptive to this, welcoming informed individuals to let their voices be heard when it comes to the way their industry is shaped.

The American Trucking Association’s LEAD class of 2015-16 recently visited Washington DC to talk with lawmakers and offer a relevant perspective concerning pertinent topics in the trucking industry. ATA President and CEO Bill Graves said: “As a former governor, I can tell you, there’s nothing more persuasive than hearing from engaged, active constituents. Our hope is that by coming here to Washington, these LEAD ATA participants will not just educate their representatives this week, but continue the dialogue on behalf of ATA and this industry for many years to come.”

Many trucking regulations in the past have not been well-received by those within the industry. The general consensus is that many laws in the past have been crafted to appease the public – a public that isn’t necessarily knowledgeable about how the trucking industry functions. By contacting lawmakers directly, ATA LEAD members can offer a knowledgeable opinion about what direction trucking legislation should take in the future.

LEAD ATA is a program created to help educate lawmakers and stress the importance of grassroots movements. This program provides those involved with a detailed look at how legislation is crafted and how that legislation can affect a business. Those who are involved in this type of effort can expect to gain useful insights and to have the chance to make a substantial impact on the trucking industry.

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