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ATA Kicks Off National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

ATA Kicks Off National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, especially when they’re as important to the economy as truckers! American Trucking Associations kicked off National Truck Driver Appreciation Week this month, and many within the industry are excited for this very special event.

ATA President and CEO Chris Spear said: “This week is about raising public awareness and support for the important work professional truck drivers do in our communities year round. These men and women are safety-minded professionals who deserve our respect and praise. We’re fortunate that truck drivers have dedicated their careers to delivering critical goods like medicine, food and school books.”

The event will take place from September 11th to September 17th. It will provide drivers with a chance to be formally and officially recognized for their efforts. Trucking associations, carriers, suppliers, and partners will all be represented at the various appreciation events across the country.

Many companies are offering specials in honor of the vent. Swift Transportation will have a dual-celebration, by celebrating their 50th anniversary along with National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

From discounts to contests to prizes, there will be plenty of specials going on during this week. Kevin Burch, ATA first Vice Chairman said: “Jet Express is thrilled to host America’s Road Team Captains for the National Truck Driver Appreciation Week satellite tour, but we’re also excited to honor our own professional truck drivers who are the backbone of our company. Even if you are unable to host a big National Truck Driver Appreciation Week event, I encourage you to take time this week to say thanks to a driver in your community. A small act can go a long way in honoring these hardworking men and women.”

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