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ATA Helps Truckers with Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

ATA Helps Truckers with Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

One of the most common new year’s resolutions deals with weight loss. Millions of people start the new year off with plans to lose weight, and this type of goal can help almost anyone improve their health. Given that truck drivers are at a higher risk for obesity and the other health problems associated with it, it is understandable that the industry has developed resources to help workers shed pounds in the new year.

The American Trucking Associations and American Road Team are conducting the Healthy Fleet 10 Pound Challenge. This program is designed to help promote better health habits among those in the freight delivery industry. Elisabeth Barna, ATA COO and Executive Vice President of Industry Affairs said: “America’s Road Team Captains are the public face of trucking’s 7.3 million professional truck drivers, and the team has a strong platform for spreading positive health and wellness messages. ATA extends our thanks to Healthy Fleet for choosing these five deserving Captains to participate in the challenge and we look forward to seeing them achieve their health goals in the coming months.”

The challenge will run from New Year’s Day until the end of February. This plan will allow those with hopes of losing weight to form healthy eating plans with the assistance of nutritionists and coaches. Because their lifestyle requires them to be sedentary most of the time and because they often have to rely on fast food while on the road, drivers often have a harder time losing weight than people in other professions.

John Lex, Captain of America’s Road Team, is participating in the program. He said: “We see the 10-Pound Challenge as a great opportunity for truck drivers throughout North America to take a closer look at their daily routines and build healthier habits.”

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