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ATA Guarding Against Cyber Threats

ATA Guarding Against Cyber Threats

The American Trucking Associations is one of the most forward-thinking groups in all of truck driving. As the industry changes, they work to make sure drivers can adapt well.

Telematic systems, electronic logging devices, and analytical tools are all becoming more common in the trucking industry. While these tools offer plenty of benefits, they come with a certain degree of risk as well.

With more fleets turning toward digital means of logging information, communicating on the job, and even filling out their rosters, cyber threats will become more of a threat than ever. There haven’t been a large amount of instances involving hackers breaking into digital trucking systems yet, but this doesn’t mean the threat isn’t present.

The widespread implementation of new technology offers benefits for trucking, but it also means hackers have a greater incentive to turn their attention toward this industry. ATA officials are in the process of finalizing a reporting and response service designed to address these cyber threats.

Fleet CyWatch is scheduled to launch next year, with an unveiling by ATA’s Technology Maintenance Council planned for the Management Conference & Exhibition on October 23.

Cyber security is a top issue in the transportation industry, as fleets are relying on connectivity systems more than ever before. The impending arrival of autonomous vehicles in greater numbers also raises concerns about the amount of damage hackers could do if they were able to take control of one of these systems.

An industry-wide tool means threats could be discovered early on and planned against. This practice is common in other industries, as it allows companies to ensure they get quick remedies to the latest threats in the changing digital landscape.  

The system itself is not designed to stop cyber attacks, but rather to give drivers a simplified resource for alerting the appropriate authorities in the case of a breach. Once an appropriate course of action is determined, however, the system will be capable of routing the information back to the affected parties.

The last thing trucking companies need is to fall victim to cyber threats. With CyWatch, staying safe in the digital world will be a little easier.

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