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ATA Continues to Pursue Goals with New Administration

ATA Continues to Pursue Goals with New Administration

The American Trucking Associations has been a prominent group in the trucking industry for decades, and this combination of carriers and trucking administrators is very active when it comes to the legislative aspect of trucking. With a new president taking office soon, ATA officials have been as busy as ever. But although the political landscape may have changed, the main goals that ATA is pursuing have not.

The two main priorities ATA is concentrating on include a fix to the controversial hours-of-service rule as well as the pre-emption of legislation that would allow states to regulate meal and rest breaks for interstate truck drivers. The organization is also working to launch an Infrastructure Funding Task Force, a measure that was originally planned for next year but is being pursued now as a result of changes in priority.

The new administration’s professed commitment to funding infrastructure caused ATA to speed up their pursuit of this goal. ATA officials aim to work with legislators to plan out the creation of roads and bridges which will benefit truckers.

ATA CEO and President Chris Spear talked about the organization’s commitment to working with the new president’s transition team, saying: “I have publicly congratulated President-elect Trump on his victory and pledged to work with him and the newly elected Congress. One thing is clear — to make progress on legislation, we will continue to work with both Republicans and Democrats to achieve most of our goals, particularly in the Senate where there is a working majority, not a voting majority.”

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