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ATA Congratulates Qualifiers for Driving Championship

ATA Congratulates Qualifiers for Driving Championship

The American Trucking Associations holds many events to build community and spread awareness in the freight transport industry. The organization recently congratulated qualifiers in its 2017 National Truck Driving Championship.

The upcoming event is the 80th anniversary, making it a special occasion and building significant buzz in the community. ATA President and CEO Chris Spear said: “The trucking industry comes together every spring and summer for a series of state truck driving championships culminating in the National Truck Driving Championships. ATA thanks all of the drivers and companies who made the commitment to participate in the competitions and we recognize your dedication to safety.”

The championships start at the state level, and there are multiple classes in which drivers compete. Drivers compete a written exam on the specifics of trucking regulations, rules, and safety statistics. They’re also tasked with completing a challenging driving course.

This year’s championship will take place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. The event will start on August 9th and run through the 12th, and one skilled driver will take the ultimate title of 2017 National Truck Driving Championships Bendix Grand Champion.

There are other awards, including the popular title of “Rookie of the Year.” The event is known for its committee of industry professionals and the large number of volunteers who come together each year and help make the gathering happen.

ATA uses the event to help facilitate partnerships and networking, allowing carriers and drivers alike to build connections and grow in their field. The winner of last year’s Rookie of the Year award was Rich Merich, a FedEx driver from Denver, Colorado. The 24-year old driver went on to appear in a LiveOnWeb by Transport Topics to talk about his win and his experiences thus far in the industry.

These championships serve as a source of healthy competition as well as an educational tool for drivers to help the public understand more about their field. These events are popular for introducing new concepts and ideas in trucking, and helping set precedents for the future.

ATA will report on the results of the contest as it occurs.

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