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ATA Commissions Survey of Charitable Efforts in the Freight Industry

ATA Commissions Survey of Charitable Efforts in the Freight Industry

The American Trucking Associations’ President and CEO Chris Spear recently commissioned a study by the American Transportation Research Institute focused on charitable efforts in the truck driving industry.

“In October, during my first State of the Industry address, I said ATA would be launching a charitable foundation aimed at our industry’s top priority,” Spear said, “but to do that, we must first identify what it is our industry already does. From disaster relief efforts to community programs and from disease awareness to schools and youth organizations, we know trucking already supports a vast array of worthy causes. This survey will helps us narrow that list down so we can focus our soon-to-be-launched foundation’s efforts.”

“Trucks deliver more than just the freight that our communities need,” said ATA Chairman Kevin Burch, president of Jet Express Inc., Dayton, Ohio, “they deliver money and volunteer efforts for charities and organizations in their communities. We want to take that giving spirit national with a new industry foundation, and this survey will help us do that.”

Charitable efforts align well with the trucking field, as freight delivery helps to aid multiple causes and industries across the country. Likewise, the broad array of charitable efforts supported by trucking can be expanded as more accurate data is gathered about how effective each individual type of charitable effort is.

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