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ATA Brings Attention to Truckers with Image and Outreach Programs

ATA Brings Attention to Truckers with Image and Outreach Programs

For all the good the trucking driving does for the US economy, truck drivers rarely get the credit they deserve. In some cases, truckers are even underappreciated and subjected to negative stereotypes based on incorrect perceptions by the general public.

But the American Trucking Associations partnered with America’s Road Team and the Share the Road highway safety program during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week to bring some much-deserved attention to drivers.

ATA COO and Executive Vice President of Industry Affairs Elisabeth Barna said: “We wanted to put some of the leading voices in the truck driver community in the spotlight to talk about the important work that their colleagues in the industry do each day to deliver America’s goods. America’s Road Team Captains and Share the Road professional truck drivers are great advocates for the safe, professional role that truck drivers play on our nation’s highway.”

Throughout mid-September, a number of steps were taken to formally acknowledge the great impact that truck drivers have on the economy as a whole. Numerous events and media appearances were used during the week to help promote the importance of truck driving and give credit to drivers who dedicate their time and energy to keeping commerce going.

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