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ATA Announces Opening of LEAD ATA Application Process

ATA Announces Opening of LEAD ATA Application Process

On March 17th, 2016, American Trucking Association (ATA) announced the launching of its new LEAD ATA program. The application window is now open for all those who wish to participate in this one-year leadership initiative. This is the fourth consecutive year; ATA has launched this program to find the best leaders for 2017-2018 in the trucking industry who are looking for leadership careers and wishing to grow professionally.

While during the press conference, Bill Graves the President and CEO of ATA said, “ATA is excited about continuing to grow the LEAD ATA program because we’ve seen three years of success and know that these professionals are the future of the industry.” He further added, “ATA aims to foster engagement among all sectors of the industry and build on the success this program has demonstrated over the last few years.”

The program has been sponsored by PeopleNet, and offers education opportunities for all those upcoming executives who will be the leaders of tomorrow. The program entails 4 mandatory and 3 optional meetings to be held throughout the one-year program. All the participants of the LEAD program will be trained in media relations, public speaking, meet the top-level ATA official and learn how things at ATA are accomplished. Not only that, they will also gain insights firsthand regarding the role of ATA in forming the industry’s image.

PeopleNet’s trucking general manager, Mark Kessler on this new initiative by ATA held the following views. “As we move into a time of unprecedented change in the transportation industry, identifying and training our next generation leaders are top priorities in our industry. PeopleNet applauds ATA for its innovative approach to addressing this important industry need. We’re proud to continue our sponsorship of LEAD ATA, and excited about introducing a new group of future leaders selected to join this fantastic program.”

During the program, the emerging executives will meet many industry processionals peer and leading managers and learn the best from them.

ATA’s first vice chairman and president of Jet Express Inc, Kevin Burch believes that, “Teaching the next generation of trucking’s leaders about the importance of being active within ATA and advocating on behalf of the industry is one of the main focuses of LEAD ATA,” said Kevin Burch, ATA first vice chairman and president of Jet Express Inc. “Each class of LEAD ATA has developed strong relationships with peers in the industry and that has tremendous benefits for the future of trucking.”

According to Dave Manning, ATA’s Second Vice Chairman and TCW’s president, the idea of this program is to encourage more people building careers in the trucking industry. He seemed hopeful that this year too, they will find many great leaders who will lead the trucking industry forward.

“I’m a firm believer in the idea that when younger professionals take part in industry-wide initiatives and get out and meet peers from other companies and sectors, they’ll find more meaning in their work and see that what we do in trucking impacts millions of people,” he concluded.

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