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ASCE’s Report Shows Big Problems with US Infrastructure

ASCE’s Report Shows Big Problems with US Infrastructure

Infrastructure is always a pertinent topic in the trucking industry. The quality of roads and bridges can make or break a freight company. Every four years, the American Society of Civil Engineers issues a report card concerning the quality of the country’s infrastructure.

This group uses a standard letter-based grading scale like the ones used in academic institutions. The latest report card shows some alarming problems, with roads scoring a D+ and bridges scoring a C+. While some had said that the trucking industry’s vocal concerns about infrastructure were unfounded, this report suggests they were on point.

In the face of a growing global economy, infrastructure is vital for helping the country’s freight industry remain competitive and efficient. Problems with roads and bridges can result in delays, higher expenses, and even accidents for truck drivers. With freight demand expected to increase, there is no better time than the present to pursue infrastructural improvements.

President Trump has already voiced his intent to pursue upgrades to America’s roads and bridges. While rails and ports received a B and a C+ respectively, hazardous materials also received a dismal grade of D+.

In addition to providing information about the condition of infrastructure, the ASCE has also provided input about how these issues should be addressed. Some issues are more pressing than others, and prioritizing properly can help improvement plans go smoothly.

The organization also suggested that funding incentives could be generated in both the public and private sectors by generating appropriate financial plans for any project that is estimated to cost over $5 million.

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