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Are Tech-Trucking Startups a Goldmine for Investors?

Are Tech-Trucking Startups a Goldmine for Investors?

Trucking is the type of industry where things can change quickly. Despite this, the industry has remained relatively consistent over the years by relying on the same basic business model and the same type of vehicles.

Though small changes and upgrades are made every year and new solutions are developed to help the freight industry handle problems as they develop, there has never been a time where technology is more intertwined with the freight industry than now.

Trucking technology companies offer a lot of potential benefits, as they pioneer a young but soon-to-be busy market. The move toward decentralized freight structures and autonomous vehicles has everyone, inside the industry and out, taking notice.

Since trucking technology firms have the potential to lower costs in the future and help carriers adapt to major changes in their industry, investors are looking upon these organizations with more favor. While some of their business efforts would’ve been seen as outlandish and too risky to trust in the past, the fast-approaching technological future of trucking has investors betting heavily on startups that show promise.

Major names from Silicon Valley as well as several top investment groups have already put money into several startups. Even Bill Gates has gotten involved, putting some funding behind promising companies and looking to give trucking the resources it needs to move into the future.

While investments are always a gamble, technology (at least for the time being) is a safe bet. Though there are some questions and concerns about how certain hurdles will be overcome, having plenty of resources lets these truck-tech startups breathe a little easier.

Even as driverless trucks and market-based apps change the way people look at the freight transportation industry, a variety of smaller and niche sub-fields within trucking may also benefit. Some trucking companies have expressed interest in making an entry into the grocery deliver market, as well as advanced logistical capabilities based off big-data analytics.

Trucking and technology will become more connected than ever before in the coming years. With investors seeing the way things are going and providing funding to organizations leading the march into the future, it is likely trucking will see its breakthroughs quicker than anticipated.  

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