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Are More Carriers Opting for Vehicle Camera Systems?

Are More Carriers Opting for Vehicle Camera Systems?

Truckers face their fair share of hazards on the road. Everything from tough weather conditions to tight schedules can put a driver at risk. But even the most skilled and seasoned driver may be threatened by one type of danger that is not talked about very often – other drivers.

Though commercial vehicles are often viewed as more dangerous than traditional vehicles, many truck drivers find themselves put in dangerous situations on the road due to the actions of other motorists. While some may maintain that these kinds of accidents are not realistically preventable, others are using technology to make a difference.

Many fleets are now equipped with vehicle camera systems to help provide drivers with additional visibility. Not only can these systems help ensure a driver can see all around their vehicle, but they make it easier for drivers to avoid liability in no-fault accidents.

While camera systems can assist a driver and help them handle tough traffic situations with greater ease, accidents can still occur. These types of collisions can lead to costly and reputation-damaging liability that anyone would rather avoid.

Since larger vehicles are often stereotyped as being more dangerous and are likely to be held at fault when accidents occur, vehicle camera systems can be a big difference-maker. They can be great for providing reliable evidence and ensuring drivers won’t be blamed for accidents that weren’t their fault.

Given the rise of new safety regulations in the past as well as a large number of hefty lawsuits related to commercial trucking accidents, more carriers are looking for ways to help drivers stay safe on the road. Vehicle camera systems are a small but helpful addition to any rig, and can help any driver remain vigilant and protected on the job.

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