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Are Endorsements Worth Less During a Trucker Shortage?

Are Endorsements Worth Less During a Trucker Shortage?

It’s no secret that the trucking industry is in need of new talent. In spite of the fact that CDL truck driving is the most popular occupation in 74% of US states, it is estimated that over 200,000 truck drivers are needed across the country.

What’s caused the shortage? A combination of economic uncertainty and a leap into new regulatory changes put the freight industry to the test over the past several years. While 2016 showed some poor numbers in key areas, administrators and analysts have called it nothing more than an outlier.

It appears they may have been correct in that assessment. Trucking is off to a slow but steady start on the road to improvement moving into the second quarter of the year. Even hiring numbers, which have been slipping for a number of reasons, are now improving.

The other reason truck driving jobs may have been outnumbering qualified applicants is because many veteran drivers are retiring. This has left a large gap in the staffs of many carriers across the country. Even as trucking jobs are becoming more lucrative, some desire to push themselves a bit further into the freight industry.

Those who want a career in the field may consider investing in an endorsement to better their chances in the field. Double tankers, hazardous materials, and refrigerated goods can often net higher pay and increased job security for qualified individuals.

A person looking to enter the trucking industry in 2017 may have a great chance of getting hired without endorsements. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean endorsements are less valuable. While the demand for skilled CDL A truck drivers and other positions in the freight industry may be increasing, the supply of positions related to endorsements may end up growing, and can offer current drivers job mobility.

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