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Apps For Truckers

Apps For Truckers
Our phones have become a crucial part of our life. There are apps for just about anything, and trucking is no different. Smartphone apps today offer truck drivers and owners an affordable means of managing their fleet, keeping up with regulations, ensuring safety and compliance, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Here are a few apps that will make your trucking life easier:


This app is great for drivers as it gives them information about where to find truck stops, repair shops and rest areas down their path. Drivers can search for truck stops, find the cheapest diesel prices in the vicinity, get voiced turn-by-turn directions to each stop, and manage coupons for more than 5,000 truck stops from all over America.


As a driver, making sure your tank is always full is an essential part of the job. That’s where GasBuddy can help you. This is a free app that relies on the community of its users to provide you with up to date diesel and gas prices and locations of thousands of fuel stations across Canada and the U.S.. This app allows drivers to locate nearby fueling stations, find deals on fuel prices, filter the results by price, and locate gas stations along the way.


If you are an O/O looking for work, this app is for you. This app works like a middle man for trucking jobs. It displays any loads that need to be picked and drivers willing to do the job place bids on it. If the bid is accepted, you get notified with booking details.

Skype & WhatsApp

These apps offer free calls, texts, voicemail, and sending files worldwide to any user. Furthermore, you can video conference with your family, fellow drivers and dispatchers. Using Skype, you can even obtain an online telephone number for making and receiving calls to any landline or cell phone for cheaper than most calling cards.


Not an app, but a website with plenty of valuable information about truck rules and regulations. With a single click, you can get a list of kingpin to rear axle distances for the United States and Canada, bridge laws, etc. If you often find yourself wondering if a particular state is going to have issues with your overloaded rear, this site is a must for you to check out. – See more at:

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