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Appeals Court Rules Against Carrier in Harassment Case

Appeals Court Rules Against Carrier in Harassment Case

CRST international had originally won a court case after a female truck operator alleged that the company not only promoted a hostile work environment, but retaliated against her when she attempted to report the issue.

The driver, Robin Anderson, was fired after she complained about another driver’s behavior toward her. She maintained that Eric Vegtel, her co-driver, sexually harassed her. Not only did she accuse him of persistent lewd behavior around her, but she also maintained that he had requested sex from her.

In one instance, Anderson said that she and her co-driver shared a motel room as many pairs of drivers do. She claims she awoke to see him sitting naked on his bed.

The previous ruling was made in favor of CRST, but the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed this ruling which was made two years ago. The court, which is just a step below The Supreme Court, ruled that Anderson was in the right to perceive the environment as hostile, and that she had presented sufficient evidence to create a legitimate dispute that warranted CRST to provide an effective remedy.

While Anderson maintains that the carrier stopped assigning her work, the company claims she stop contacting them and they were unable to reach her. Vegtel says he was not aware that the company had investigated the allegations or flagged he or Anderson.

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