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Anderson Trucking Service Expand Corporate Office

Anderson Trucking Service Expand Corporate Office

Growth is always welcomed in the trucking industry, and usually it starts at the top of an organization. Anderson Trucking Service is a well-known carrier based in Minnesota. In addition to boasting decades of experience in the freight transportation and delivery sector, Anderson Trucking has also become well-known for their logistical solutions and impressive inventory. Recently the organization decided to expand their corporate office by 20,000 square feet. These changes were made in response to current growth as well as expected future growth.

In addition to their reputation as an efficient carrier, the company has also been known as very versatile. With operations in the flatbed, van, and international transport sectors, Anderson Trucking offers a broad and diverse array of services which make it a top choice for many dedicated clients. Their ability to continue growing may have to do with efficient collaboration and planning. Management had taken steps to make sure the company’s newest expansion endeavor would help to continue this type of teamwork which has proved very useful.

Plans for the expansion project started last year, with numerous ideas being discussed about how to create new space. Two floors will be expanded, with half a dozen conference rooms and 200 seats being added in total. The organization decided to simply add on to their headquarters in an effort to keep their team together in a single location. This move is expected to further improve the strategic trip planning capabilities the organization is already known for. Scott Follett, director of facilities said: “Being a part of a cohesive team to support our larger mission is an important part of our culture here. The Anderson family recognized that this aspect would be missing if we were to utilize a leased space and made a solid decision to keep everyone under one roof.”

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