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Americans for Modern Transportation Coalition Launched

Americans for Modern Transportation Coalition Launched

Groups within the transportation industry are not uncommon, as collective efforts of high-ranking individuals and those directly involved in the field can be great for bringing about change and protecting the industries of the freight industry as a whole.

It was recently announced that a number of US retailers, shippers, and deliverers had joined forces to form the Americans for Modern Transportation coalition. The AMT was created with the intent to improve infrastructure and transport policies in order to more efficiently address the needs of the industry.

One move that the collation has already discussed is having longer trailers on the road. By extending the length of trailers to 33-feet, 5-feet longer than current twin trailers, carriers would be able to move more freight and meet the needs of clients in a more cost-efficient manner.

Other important agenda for the organization include improving safety and efficiency with improved infrastructure. Moving beyond basic repairs and focusing on modernized systems is something the collation believes will help handle the boom brought about by the rise of ecommerce.

AMT spoke about their far-reaching goals in a press release, saying: “To continue moving America forward, infrastructure investment cannot simply be improved roads and bridges. We need to lay the groundwork for a modern transportation system. Central to this goal is combining infrastructure enhancements with efficient trucking and policies as well as incentives for better safety and fuel technology. We are excited to work with transportation leaders and innovators in the new administration and 115th Congress to make strides towards a modern transportation system.”

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