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American Trucking Association’s Featured Product Agreement Renewed

American Trucking Association’s Featured Product Agreement Renewed

Agreements between groups in the trucking industry are becoming more common, as collaborative efforts in such a broad field can benefit all parties involved. The American Trucking Association is one of the most well-known names in the trucking industry, and their partnership with fellow trucking giant National Fleet Services has been renewed once more. The Featured Product Agreement has proven to be a very effective move for both organizations, and executives in both companies have high hopes in continuing it.

American Trucking Association President and CEO Bill Graves said: “Complying with the myriad of rules and regulations in the trucking industry can be complicated and requires fleets to allocate resources to administrative, regulatory and operational efforts, not to mention capital investments. Many trucking companies rely on firms like National Fleet Services that can provide a bevy of consulting options to meet the countless needs of motor carriers.”

National Fleet Services provides a number of high-quality services in the area of transportation solutions and logistics. By helping to provide companies with products that are designed to create high-quality results while keeping in compliance with changing regulatory mandates and safety requirements, this company is a major asset for any company that wants to upgrade to new equipment and continue steady business in a changing industry.

President CEO of National Fleet Services Matthew Bowels said: “National Fleet Services is excited to be an ATA Featured Product provider again this year. As an ATA Featured Product provider, we have the opportunity to strengthen relationships within the industry and live out our company’s mission. We understand the burdens motor carriers face with ever changing regulations and tax structures. We work to understand our clients’ specific needs and help implement solutions to save them money and improve efficiency.”

While the trucking industry is known for a healthy amount of competition, these types of partnerships can create positive results for everyone – including customers. Trucking companies can provide speedier deliveries if they are able to adapt to regulatory measures faster when it comes to their equipment. The Featured Product Agreement is just one of many collaborative efforts that have proved effective in the trucking industry.

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