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American Trucking Association Renews US Bank for Featured Product Program

American Trucking Association Renews US Bank for Featured Product Program

The trucking industry is one that provides many benefits to the economy as a whole. However, this industry is not without its risks. While many think that the field only deals with safety concerns due to the large size and weight of most commercial vehicles, there are also a number of other liabilities that must be taken into account. Working with multiple drivers, receivers, logistics experts, administrators, mechanics, and insurance companies means that companies must be able to manage the financial aspect of business reliably.

The American Trucking Association has been aware of these risks for quite sometime, and the trucking giant has grown to such a level in the industry by creating smart business partnerships. By working with qualified organizations who have a proven track record of success, the ATA has maintained and grown its presence in the industry. The ATA Featured Product Program connects the company with partners in a more personal manner, and the organization announced that it has renewed the US Bank as part of this program for the third year.

ATA President and CEO Bill Graves said: “The focus of our industry is highway safety, but we are also aware of the financial security risks that can come from processing hundreds of thousands of payments each day. That’s why it’s important for trucking companies to have access to reliable banks, like US Bank, to provide safe solutions to the everyday needs of motor carriers.”

The bank has proven to be a major player in the industry, pioneering electronic freight payments and processing millions of freight invoices annually. The collaborative and easily-accessible environment makes it easy for disputes to be addressed and resolved in a timely manner. This type of reliability is imperative for the fast-paced trucking industry and the industries that depend on it.

US Bank Global Transportation Payments General manager John Hardin said: “Participating in the ATA Featured Product program closely connects us to the community we serve and supports our commitment to provide safe, secure, and reliable payment solutions to the transportation industry. As a single-solution provider, we deliver benefits across organizations, including more visibility into and control over what drivers are purchasing and when payments are received. We are proud to be the only bank in the United States offering proprietary fleet, freight, and aviation solutions to the marketplace”

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