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American Trucking Association Announces New President

American Trucking Association Announces New President

American Trucking Association President Bill Graves is retiring after over a decade with the company. The company announced recently that it had named his successor. Going along with the philosophy of choosing industry experts, ATA chose the former senior vice president of legal affairs. Chris Spear, an industry veteran and knowledgeable professional in multiple areas including trucking legislation, will officially take the position on July 9th.

Mr. Spear is known for being a success in both the public and private sectors. His legal knowledge led him to become a key industry player on Capitol Hill. He was commended by ATA for spearheading legislation that helped ATA become a safer and more efficient organization. In addition, he is currently the vice president of government affairs at Hyundai Motor Company. By combining knowledge of the legal field with a penchant for management skills in a fast-paced environment, Mr. Spear has proven himself as a very wise choice for the position.

Mr. Spear commented on the new position, saying: “I’m honored to have the opportunity to lead this great association and serve this vital industry. Trucking is the backbone of our economy and a catalyst for American job growth, delivering critical goods to businesses and homes coast-to-coast. I am excited to work alongside ATA’s members and federation partners to ensure the industry continues to prosper and safely move our nation forward.”

ATA’s former chairman Phil Byrd was among those who helped make the final decision. Former president Bill Graves (who will serve as an adviser for the remainder of 2016) said: “Trucking has always been close to my heart and I’m very proud that a trucking company bore my family’s name. Now is the time to pass on the leadership responsibility to Chris, a person whom I have great respect for and confidence in his ability to lead ATA. I look forward to providing assistance in his leadership transition.”

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